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A is for autopsy, after I find where you lay,
B is for bash, which I will do to your skull all day.
C is for crying, which you will undoubtedly do,
D is for death, which is coming for you.
E is for eviscerate, your insides will become mine,
F is for flee, but you will not have time.
G is for grope, which you will do after I remove your eyes,
H is for help, but they will pass it off as lies.
I is for infinite, regarding how much you will suffer,
J is for joker, but I am not a bluffer.
K is for killer, which is why you should run,
L is for life, to play with yours is fun.
M is for memory, of which I will keep,
N is for nitrogen, just to help you “sleep.”
O is for orifice; out of every one blood will pour,
P is for plead, yours I will ignore.
Q is for quiet, if you are so kind,
R is for recital, this is stuck into my mind.
S is for superficial; the cuts will be not,
T is for torture, I’ll make sure your blood does not blot.
U is for ultraviolet, light needed to see the mess,
V is for violence, but I’d prefer if there was less.
W is for weapons, against which you pleaded,
X is for xenobiotic, the poison is much needed.
Y is for yell, but nobody will hear,
Z is for zone, yours of which I am near.

And to put it quite blunt, now begins the hunt.