"Letter Factory"

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A couple years ago, in 2006, I was with my friends. We were, what you call 'Dumster Diving' in a dumpster of a abandoned mental institution, in Cleveland to be exact. I found a box labeled "HAPPYTIMETAPES", probably some tapes for the people living there, to be... well happy I guess. One of the tapes interested me, it was labeled very sloppily "LETTERFACTORY", in what looked like sharpie marker. We decided to take it home. Due to my old VCR being thrown out, I couldn't watch it. I asked my genius friend to convert the tape to DVD, he said 'yes' and went to the backroom. He was found dead the next day, from possibly no sleep. We decided to take the tape from him. I inserted the dvd into the DVD player and it played fine. The story of Letter Factory was: "With an idea to create a talking letter book, Dad has an important presentation for his boss, Mr. Websley! When the family joins him at the letter factory where he works, the decide to pitch in to help. Tad, the youngest sibling, leaves the group when he admits to not knowing the sounds that letters make. He soon finds Professor Quigley, who offers him a tour of the letter factory with stops in rooms dedicated to each letter of the alphabet. In each room, letters are being trained to make their appropriate sounds. By the time he reaches Z, Tad knows all his letter sounds, Dad's presentation is a success, and Mr. Websley's talking letter book is destined to be a top seller.". It was cheap, and the animation was shit. The 3 frog kids went to... Quigley, he was sobbing uncontrollably and hitting himself in the head. He stopped and looked at the kids with a... grin, and that fucking grin will stay in my mind forever. He took a knife and said: "Guess What Time It Is Kids", and stabbed the kids as they started screaming for mercy, until they died... My friends committed suicide a day after....