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Sidenote upon Admin's removal of warning: Maybe we could change the title of this to 'The Observer'? Seems a little more appropriate for this pasta.

The Pasta (Rewritten)

This pasta has been rewritten and reedited by Dynaon. The original pasta was written by Xxmaximumtobixx.

My name is Max. I am your average 15 year old kid, decent grades and a beautiful girlfriend. I was a big fan of Creepypastas at one point. Yes, at one point. It turns out that my fandom was destined for doom, soon to be explained to you in my story. Take a seat and grab a drink as I tell you my story. Maybe you're going to understand why what happened... well... happened.

Recently, I was first introduced to the Creepypasta world by the infamous 'Slender Man'. For those of you who don't know, this is an abnormally tall being wearing pure black. He was a faceless freak. Ever since reading that scary story, I've always wanted my eyes to be springing out of their sockets in fear. I traveled far and wide throughout the Wiki for the best of the best. But, on this particular day, I was feeling pretty nostalgic. Following this feeling, I decided to go back to the very first pasta I ever read. Slender Man was back, and he was still as scary as ever. I almost couldn't handle the rising fear in the pit of my stomach, nostalgia paired off with the sick feeling. After I finished reading it, I felt very satisfied. This pasta still scared me to this very day, and not a lot of stories could do that.

Upon finishing the story, I decided to crash. It was already 3 AM, so maybe the Creepypastas had sucked enough of my life away for one night. Before I could fade away into the world of dreams... I could faintly see some kind of object in the corner. My head didn't exactly dart up, you have to understand that I was already half way asleep at the time. It looked like some kind of cross with an eye in the middle... He just pegged it up to his imagination and let his dreams embrace his mind.

The symbol of Tribe Twelve.

I wish I would have paid more attention to that at the time.

I woke up the next morning, full of energy once again. I never did pay any mind to what I saw before I went to sleep, my mind was focused on finding out some more about the Slender Man. Turns out sleep doesn't make the feeling of nostalgia fade so easily. I started up my computer with great ease, opening up my Google Chrome browser. As I opened up the Google search engine, I went ahead and typed 'Slender Man', hoping to find something thrilling. The first search was in images, only being greeted with humorous GIFs with some slicks of gore along the way. I liked how they could make fun of Slender Man, but I was not interested in the humorous side of this faceless beast. I wanted a good thrill before I headed off to school, and I knew just the guy to give me that thrill. I got out my cell phone and texted one of my friends, and expert that posts a lot of /x/. After a few minutes, he gave me something new to look up. 'Everyman Hybrid' was apparently something new, and he didn't exactly give me a lot of information about the videos. I decided to look it up, as my curiosity was peaking, and I was not happy with what I saw.

"Damn it, dude! I thought this was going to scare me, but apparently you just want me to work out!"

"No, no! Just keep watching the series, it gets better."

So that's exactly what I did. I think I killed about an hour watching these idiotic videos, slowly growing fond of them. But then, something on the side bar caught my eye as I was about to close out of my browser. It was a cross, with an eye in the middle. The video's name was 'Tribe Twelve', a fresh series in the making. I was about to click on the video, it's not like I wanted to, I could feel an eerie chill coming up my spine as my hand decided to get a mind of its own... But my alarm broke me out of my trance. I bookmarked the video and exited out of my browser. I looked to my clock, realizing that I was already an hour late for school. I got out my backpack and tried to run as fast I could, but I couldn't help but wonder where I saw that picture before.

I got home by about 3:20 PM, and it was a Friday now. Thank god that it was a weekend, right? I could sit down and watch this new series, Tribe Twelve. I got back into my house and moved the mouse a little, being greeted with the Google Chrome Browser. I was about to happily get back to my video, when suddenly I realized... I never got onto my browser. It was already open? Was someone tampering with my computer? I decided to keep going, clicking on the video's bookmark to check out the first episode.

As the video came up, that icon came up again, the one with the cross and the eye. For some reason, it seemed to really tip me off, as if there was something watching me watch this video. Against my better judgement, I kept watching the video. Boy, do I wish I never did that. My computer suddenly went black, but the video's audio was still going. A creepy laugh burst through my speakers. It wasn't an ear-piercing sound, but it was enough to make my stomach drop in fear. This was the laugh of 'The Observer', an urban legend alongside Slender Man.

My computer lit back up, and the video was over. It was showing the regular suggestions as it did with any other video, but I thought it was a good idea to cut off the scary videos. I exited out of my browser entirely, deciding to do a little spring cleaning with my desktop. And that's when it happened. My desktop was no longer the same. The only icon I could see, whether it was my thumbnails to my files and folders, my background, my start up icon? It was that damned cross with the eye in the middle, all over again.

I quickly hand my hand sprint over to a folder of pictures I had, labeled 'Sonic The Hedgehog'. Or, at least, that's what I thought it was going to say. As I opened the folder, my flood of pictures was replaced with a single file, one with a very distinct name that was burned into my brain.


Naturally, yes, I was fucking afraid for my life. None of my files were ever labeled like that. If this was a joke from my /x/ friend, it was going to stop here and now. But before I could manage to make the call, curiosity was beginning to peak in my mind. Maybe he wanted me to see what was inside this file. Reluctantly, I grabbed my mouse and slowly got it to hover over the file. Click. Click. The file was highlighted, and Windows Picture Viewer opened up. It was the same icon. A cross with an eye in the middle. I moved my head to the side so I would be able to see around my computer... But that eye followed me. Shocked, my face was growing pale. I quickly grabbed my cell phone and tried to exit out of the file, but it always gave me an error message when I did so.

As the phone call came through, I was yelling at my friend, as if he was really sick. And maybe he was, if he was playing this much of a joke on me. After a couple minutes of ranting, I asked him to tell me what he had to say for himself. There was no answer. I tried calling out to him again. There was still no reply. I checked the screen of my cell phone to see if I was still on the phone with him. I was, but his contact name was changed. It was now 'Watched'. Shivering, I returned back to the phone, and my tone was a little more frightened as I called out to him. And there was a reply.

It was the laughter of The Observer.

Now I was more pissed than worried, immediately hanging up. What did all of this even mean? Why was he called 'Watched'? Why was this damned eye still following me around? Suddenly, my Skype came up by itself and said someone was trying to call me. 'Observer'. Against my better judgement, I made the horrible decision of choosing for a video call. And I was greeted with my friend's head, the eyes torn out. There was a man beside him, giving off that laugh I knew all too well. I vomited all over the floor and ended the call, people knocking on my door just as I did so.

I answered the door, taking pleasure in any kind of social activity, and it was two police officers with stern looks. Apparently, I was now a suspect in the murder of my friend. I tried to plea innocent, but it turns out a lot of forged evidence was thrown into the mix, and I ended up doing a lot of time.

Max was released on November 12, 2011. Upon returning home to his parents, he was found hanging by his neck with a hose. There were no lacerations or injuries upon his body, save his eyes being gouged right out of his skull. It was labeled as a suicide, and no more investigations were held that day. But the oddest thing is a printed picture of an icon was stapled across his face.

It was a cross with a single eye in the middle.


The Original Pasta

Hello, the following is a documented record of the things that have been occurring in my life.

It wasn’t too long ago I read The Slender Man Creepypasta. Being a full-fledged Creepypasta Wiki addict I decided it was time to look at one of the most famous CPs out there. I gave it a read—and loved every minute of it—and closed down my browser. I then went to sleep. Upon waking up the next morning I remembered the Slender Man and how interested I had become in it. I open up my computer logged on and went to Google Chrome I searched “Slender Man Tall Man etc.” hoping to get as many results as possible. I searched images first and found a few funny GIF files of Slendy dancing or shaking his head back and forth with a quotation at the bottom said “I shake my…aww...”

These were all funny but I got bred and wanted to read some good old graphic stories or watch videos. I texted a /x/ phile friend of mine and he told me took look up “Everyman HYBRID” he didn’t give me much information and upon watching the first one I was annoyed. In my head I just thought “what is this shit? I ask for Slendy and he gives me workout videos??!!” I texted him once more and he told me to keep watching. I did as he said seeing as how he was an expert in these matters and ended up loving the series to pieces. On the final up-to-date episode I saw a link to another series entitled “Tribe Twelve” the picture struck me as odd seeing as how I had never seen it. I clicked it and watched that series as well. And I thought it was amazing. I looked at the clock and jumped up realizing I was supposed to be at school an hour ago. I rushed and got my things and made it there. Upon which I was sent to detention for being tardy.

I got home around 3:20 seeing as how it was Friday and me and my friends go work out a little after school on Fridays. I walked into my house and sat down in front of the computer. I logged in and to my surprise my wallpaper had been changed. To the Tribe twelve symbol… I laughed and assumed my /x/ phile friend got into my house and switched the wallpaper on me with the key I gave him so he could house sit for me last week. But I was wrong…very wrong. I went into my picture files to change it back to the “sonic the Hedge Hog” picture I had it set as originally, but every file had changed to the symbol. And the names for the files were the same... “ALLWAYSWATCHINGYOU.JPEG”

I won’t lie, I was nervous. I let it go finally seeing as how I liked the series anyway and decided to play Mine Craft. I signed onto my account and went to pick the “precisely portal” texture pack seeing as how it’s my favorite. But it simply said “” and the picture were changed to, again, the symbol. I had had enough. You can change my wallpaper but don’t mess with my mine craft. I called up my friend and the second he answered I began to yell at him. Upon ending my rant there was silence... he was never quiet like this... I checked to see if we were still connected and it said we were. I called his name but again…no reply. I sighed and began apologizing but when I did I heard a familiar chuckle... the chuckle of “The Observer” from TribeTwelve. I hung up immediately not out of fear but out of anger for against my friend. He had played jokes like this before but he had never gone this far. I called him on Skype to confront him face to face—ignoring that my profile picture was that damned symbol—he answered immediately... but instead of him smiling back at me… it was “The Observer”… smiling at me through my screen…he didn’t speak… he just laughed.. The call ended… there was a knock at my door. I answered and saw two police officers at my door. They told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back. I was now a suspect in my friend’s murder…

On 11/12/2011 Jason was released and was later found hanging in his garage. Nothing but a printed out picture of the alleged file stapled into his eye. There are currently no suspects and no witnesses. It has been ruled a suicide and the case has been closed. His computer and monitor were both however missing from his home. They have still not been found.