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September 21, 2011

On a Friday night, while I was in my room, I heard a knocking on my bedroom door. I decided to open it, but NOBODY was there. I checked around the door but no one was to be found.

On the Saturday morning, I woke up somewhere around 3AM. Looking down at the ground, there was crumpled and ripped up paper everywhere on my floor. I decided to go back to bed and check it out later. When I got up I went to check it out. None of the papers had any writing on them, except for one. The page said "GET OUT" with very messy hand writing. I threw them all in the garbage and decided to go to my kitchen to get me some cereal. Everything was fine at first but then I hear a sound, kind of like glass breaking. I checked around and my window had a giant hole. There were no glass shards on the ground, strangely. The "thing" might have taken the shards with him.

I called a repair man. When he came I just started to watch TV. Every single channel was just static. I checked behind the television, but nothing was wrong with the wires and things. I just decided to go on my laptop which worked perfectly. When I was looking around my files I found a new one named "JJJJ.txt". It was a notepad document. I opened it with these words. (copied off of that document);


Nobody lives with me, so nobody could have done it, along with the knocking on the door. I deleted the document and turned off my laptop.

Eventually, the repair man finished the window. I went up to my room to get my laptop charger as it was 12%. When I turned my laptop on again, The same document appeared again, with the same name. This time it had a different message.


Yet again, I deleted the document. I put my laptop down and I saw a 10 FOOT FIGURE just staring at me. I closed my eyes for 2 seconds and he was gone without a trace. He had a shadow body, and glowing red eyes. I searched up if anyone had seen this thing before. No one had, looked like I was the only one.

Until now, I have never seen him again. Moving houses was worth it.

I just hope I never see that creature ever again. But unlucky for me, I never got a picture of it. But I don't care about that anymore.

That is my encounter with a paranormal being. There are more features that the creature had, but I'm deciding not to put that stuff in.