A 'Jack's Suicide' Update

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Well, a lot of things had happened to me since my last post of 'Jack's Suicide', I been spotting corner-of-the-eye glimpses of strange men, in black suits much like the FBI almost... I had to get the episode off my computer before... it was too late. I dragged it to 'trash can' and deleted it, and the file never came back. I still had the 'original' story link to it, I won't get rid of that but, I need answers to 'how' this video came to be. I got into contact with one of the show's original creators named David Rudman, and he said we would meet in private at his house.

His house/office wasn't too far from where I lived, I made it in time for the 'meeting' and decided to sit down. David offered me a drink, but I said 'no thanks', I just wanted to get done with this bullshit. I asked him about production with the show, and how they came up with the idea for it. Then, when I asked about 'Jack's Suicide', all color drained from his face and he said "What do you know?" and I replied "What?", I was getting scared. "What do you know, motherfucker?", I tried to move, but I felt too scared. "I don't know any-", just then I was interrupted by him saying: "Come into my office", I felt I had to and went into his office. He slammed a tape into the table, "Along time ago, we had an intern named Dave, he loved to work, he liked it better than life itself. But, he became so obsessed with Jack's Big Music Show, he decided to dump his wife and live in our office" he explained". "He made us a 'special' episode, that he said he was inspired by to 'do it'", and then he said "SCRAM", and I ran out in a flash.

The tape was labeled 'Jack's Suicide', and was a clear version of the episode I linked to. I could see all the scenes perfectly, and it was like it was 'new' or something. Ok, that's all for this 'update.', bye.