A Is for Autopsy

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A is for autopsy, to figure out why you’re dead! They’ll cut you up good, and drill through your head!

B is for butcher shop, they slice and they dice; hack up the meat, and serve it with rice!

C is for cannibal, they like to eat flesh. Sometimes they fight, but mostly they catch.

D is for doctor, with scalpel and shot; give the injection, and watch yourself rot!

E is for eviscerate, but don’t be confused! When your intestines come out, that’s when this word is used.

F is for fallout, radioactive and fast; lose all your hair in one massive blast!

G is for guns; they serve a good purpose- let’s pull the trigger and try not to hurt us!

H is for hell, it’s down there you know, where we all will be punished, eternal and slow!

I is for insane, when you lose your mind! We’ll give you a prison cell, and lots of time.

J is for jugular, cut it to die fast; no stitches will heal it, or gauze, or cast!

K is for kill, it means to end; to choke and stab, bludgeon and rend!

L is for lenient; it’s something they’re not! Anger them now and prepare to be shot!

M is for murder, it’s toilsome and planned. A rifle, a body bag, some bleach and a van.

N is for nitrogen, when it’s a liquid its cold! To stick your hand in it would be stupid but bold!

O is for Osiris, the god of the dead! He knows where you go after you’ve bled.

P is for pulverized; crushed and smashed- when you’re hit and bludgeoned, attacked and bashed!

Q is for quarrel, a dispute of two heads- most surely will end in one being dead!

R is for raven, feasting on carrion; picking and scraping, and leaving at dawn.

S is for specter, a bad scary ghost! He flies and attacks, and petrifies his host.

T is for talon, swift and sleek. It’ll slash with these and bite with its beak!

U is for a utopia that doesn’t exist- you’ll rot in this life like all the rest!

V is for vex, to frustrate or annoy! Conniving and devious, this is a great ploy!

W is for warden, he keeps things in check- no more riots, or he’ll break your neck!

X is for xenophobia, hating people from foreign nations! We all hate their accents, we all have no patience.

Y is for yelp, a sharp cry of pain! It comes from enemies before they are slain.

Z is for zyklon, hydrogen cyanide gas! Give this to folks and they’ll choke and soon pass!