Abandoned Chateau

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Abandoned House

One day, a boy, by the name of Henry, was strolling through the woods with his friend, Charlie, who was just about the only person who respected him. Henry was known around the area as a selfish, arrogant, and obnoxious boy. Charlie, on the other hand, only played with Henry because no one liked him, except, of course, the other boy no one liked, Henry, who thinks of Charlie as being like him, an outcast.

Charlie was walking alongside Henry when he started getting scared. He cried to Henry and pulled on his shirt and said, "Hey Henry, can we go home?" Henry looked at Charlie with a surprised look and responded, "Why the hell would you want to do that?"

Charlie then, after a moment of silence, murmured quietly "I'm...scared." Henry stopped to look at him and shouted

"No! We can't go home, because we are running away!" Charlie looked down at the ground in remorse. After a few minutes of walking, Henry suddenly needed the toilet. He quickly stopped and told Charlie "Stay here for a minute, I need to take a piss."

Charlie instantly answered, "But I’m scared!” Henry gets angry and slaps Charlie. "Don't be such a pussy!" he said whilst walking towards a bush. Henry was just muttering to himself when he noticed something strange.

He came across an old chateau, with a smiley face on the door, just right there, in the middle of nowhere. He stared at the door for a few minutes but being the arrogant and proud boy he was, he walked his way over to the door.

When he got inside, he noticed that the room was more of a narrow hallway and had an easily noticeable aspect. There was one other door and to Henry's confusion, this door had the image of a human face carved into it. About 30 ft away, Henry felt a horrible feeling, as if the face was alive. Right then, it had a very unnervingly blank expression on it. Disturbed by this sudden weirdness, Henry turned around to leave the building, only to find that the door was nowhere behind him.

Coming to the fact that he must be must go through the only other one, he begrudgingly walked forward. At first, when he went to open this door, he noticed that he was struck with the sudden feeling that he didn’t want to know what was behind it, he declined any action of opening or touching it when he turned his head, and he saw writing. It read, "You are welcome to leave, unless you are scared." Shocked by this odd inscription, he went to grab the handle when he heard a horrible, spine aching moan, it got louder and louder until he blacked out.

When he woke up, he noticed nothing at all had changed except that he was now back at the part of the room near the doorway. He began to have the feeling again when he looked in front of him to see the door, but now it was different. The face on the door looked alert, bearing a shocked expression and it was now about 20 ft away. The writing now reads, "What is wrong, are you scared?".

Henry was starting to get scared, but tried to keep himself happy by thinking of it as a joke, he thought "It must be just Charlie, playing a joke on me, along with all those other bastards.", Then… The moaning… He heard it again. It got louder and louder as he tried to somehow ignore his fear. Once more, he lost consciousness.

He woke up again to a nauseous feeling, he felt like he was going to be sick when he saw yet another difference. He saw that the face is now only 10 ft away, he could now clearly see its features in more detail. It looked sad, as if it were about to cry. Scribbled down was, "You will regret this". He soon started to know what was happening, the room was getting smaller, and he was scared about how much smaller it would get. Out of fright, he fainted once again.

He woke up in a strange position, he now knew that the room was far too small for him to lay in and one thing he was thinking about was that it, the face, is there, waiting. He tried his hardest not to open his eyes, he tried so hard, only to be struck with fear. The face was now only 4 ft away, looking down at him, with an angry expression, he struggled to avoid looking at the writing, but he just had to; he finally built up the courage to open his eyes again and the writing said…

"You should have opened the door, must my chateau teach you a lesson?" He sees the face as it suddenly let out a horrifying, loud moan. Henry reacted with a loud scream of horror as once again, for the very last time he closed his eyes.

Charlie, hearing the scream and having no more sense of patience, runs around in fear trying to find Henry and came to find a door, and seeing that it was open, he only assumed that Henry was in there.

He opened the door to see a long corridor-like room, but Charlie, being a rather innocent and ignorant child, thought that Henry was behind the other door and ran up to it. Charlie stood there for a minute to gaze upon the once again blank face, when he noticed the writing above the door "You are welcome to leave, unless you are scared." Charlie, not really noticing the oddity of the situation, opened the door and walked right through it.

He opened his eyes to find himself in a room, which he soon noticed to be his bedroom; Charlie was relieved to be back at home. After falling asleep, Charlie had a dream; he heard screaming, terrified screaming of words. "I'm sorry! Please forgive me! Please! Forgive me!" This woke Charlie up. He sat there in his bed thinking about what had happened last night when he remembered walking through the woods, but then he thought to himself. Where was Henry?