Abandoned Warehouse

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Two miles away from a small town known as Good's Creek, Oklahoma, there is a lone, dilapidated, abandoned warehouse. Passers by and urban explorers can easily notice it because of the dullness of it amongst the rural forests of Oklahoma.

It is a small building, about 150 metres wide, 175 metres long and two stories high. The entrance is a large, barricaded double door. The barricades are incredibly strong, you must not attempt to remove them and thus open the door, as you will fail, and only bring attention to yourself.

Go around the right-hand side of the building, push past any out-of-place shrubbery that dares stand in your way and walk about halfway along the wall. In the same bland color as the surrounding metal, there is a thin, worm-ridden wooden door. The handle is missing. Ignore it. Push the door inwards, and allow it to naturally fall to the dusty floor with a booming echo, making the entire rickety building shudder.

They now know you've arrived. It's okay though, don't panic! If you do, you won't get anywhere and you'll just bring attention to yourself. In this task, stealth and speed are vital.

You should notice that the room is very small, with nothing but a rotten desk in the corner, stood upside down. There are cobwebs here and there, filled with spiders of various sizes, but if you ignore them, they'll ignore you. The doorway leading into the next room has no door, for it was removed by those who were here before you.

The next room is the main warehouse, used for storage. It takes up the majority of the two stories, but there is still room for a small corridor and an office, which is where we need to go.

There are metal anomalies dotted around on the ground in this room. I cannot stress enough how vital it is that you avoid these. Once again, stealth and speed. After spending two minutes in the warehouse, if you hear a faint screeching sound, then you know that they are here, and you must carry on. If you turn back now, they will be waiting for you. If you do not hear the screech, then go home. It's not your lucky day.

Make your way to the staircase in the opposite corner of the room. However, upon entering the room, an invisible timer has started. You have three minutes to make it to the staircase on the opposite side of the room, large, unmovable boxes block your way, however, so you must avoid these, and the potentially loud metal on the floor.

Run if you need to, but you must keep quiet! As I said, this is vital to complete this task.

Once you've made it to the staircase, they will unleash a cacophony of noise inside the warehouse. You're succeeding in your task, and it is angering them.

Stealth doesn't matter anymore, so sprint along the metal platform above the warehouse and make it to the office, the final room of the building.

Fling the door open with all your might for your reward.

There is a box in the middle of the room. Wood, with a labeled printing on it, however it is too faded to read. You approach it, and examine it closely.

Your friend bursts out from behind the box, glaring at you. He is holding a rifle in his hand. Your best childhood friend is about to shoot you. It's unbelievable, but you've just been a part of his plan all along.

He pulls the trigger, and shoots. The sound echoes throughout the building. For your "friend", it is a simple click, but for you, it is as though it is the sound that ends your life.

Wait a minute, why is your blood blue? I'll tell you. That's not blood, it's paint.

What to do next? Well, raise your hand and walk to the "out" area. It's okay. You'll get another chance in the next round.

Paintball is fun, isn't it?