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I am a hypnotist and this is my story.

I live in a town where thousands of UFO maniacs live. I keep having to hypnotize people to see if they truly did get abducted by aliens. They all think they did, but I don't believe in that crap.

But that one day was different. He came to me begging to hypnotize him. So I did. It was my job, after all. It was all the usual questions.

"What did the creature look like?"

"A yellow man with big ears and a large nose."

"How did it take you to it's ship?"

"I didn't"

"How did it take you?"

"With a pendant and a song."

"Where did it take you?"

"I went with it to it's cave to stay. It said that we'd have lots of fun. Free to frolic and free to play."

"What happened at the cave?"

"It told me that I couldn't leave. It said it would haunt my family's dreams. Then it told me not to squirm. It tied me up with ropes. It tried to make me fall asleep. It said I wasn't clever."

"How did you escape if you were tied up?"

"He helped."

"The creature?"

"The boogey. I came out from under my bed."

He started to cry. I woke him up, and he ran away when I told him. He said something like "Not Hypno..."

I Googled "Hypno."

It's a Pokémon that fit the creature's description perfectly.

But the strangest thing, I thought, was why would the "Boogeyman" help him?

Currently I'm under my covers, hiding. I heard a voice from under my bed say "You must never figure it out." I'm writing this as a warning. Don't try to figure it out. The Boogeyman will take you. He'll abduct you like Hypno. I figured out a perfectly logical explanation for why the monster helped the man. But I won't tell. I won't put all of you in danger.