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A sketch of the abomination from the poem, aka the Droog.

~This is a poem I wrote about a creature (which I later named the Droog) me and a friend of mine came up with. Partly influenced by the Bogeyman poem from Silent Hill: Homecoming.~

It lurks in the dark.

It reeks of putrescence.

From the holes in its body.

It secretes its vile essence.

With nine horns upon its head.

It will gouge out your eyes.

And leave you for dead.

Sharp-hooked tendrils.

To tear open the throat.

Cause you to bleed to death.

And be thrown into a grave to bloat.

Ravenous fangs adorn its torso.

Should it find you.

They will hunger moreso.

Four watchful eyes.

Guide it to bring upon you.

An unspeakable demise.

Its mouth is wide open.

Seeking your soul.

If you're not cautious.

It will swallow you whole.

Beware the abomination.

That lurks in the dark.

For if you misbehave.

You shall bear its hideous mark!