Absolutely Bawling

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I'm crying. I'm crying so hard. In fact, no, I wasn't crying.. I was bawling. Absolutely BAWLING. I couldn't get any help, like I was stuck in this dreaded, painful horror. I was bawling so hard, I thought I was going to explode. I felt on my cheek where a tear dropped.

Wait.. this wasn't a tear. This is blood. I felt on my eyes again. Tiny pieces of flesh?! I began to lose vision, and heard a *CRACK* and a sick bursting sound as I held on to the ground. The last thing I saw were my very organs laying beside me in a pool of blood and other bodily fluids. I felt pressured, like I was being run over by a steam roller.

In fact, I was. Maybe the workers didn't see me cry out to them "No! Stop! There's someone stuck here! Help!", my legs stuck under broken bricks and plywood.

"What the HELL, Randy!? You didn't hear that poor girl!"

"I'm sorry, Shepard! I didn't!"

"You definitely should have! She was absolutely bawling!"