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“Why do you hate me so, Mama?”

“Why, Mama?”

These are the wailings of a six-year-old child in Bradsbury Lane. It is a regular-looking house, but its background is absolutely menacing. The six-year-old child, Amanda, was physically and sexually abused by her mother. Amanda would be beaten with a belt, its leather touching skin, until her skin peeled off, revealing a red, often bleeding substance, only muscle with bones sticking out.

Her parents often fought each other with various types of weapons. They fought with fists, all right, but used other things around the house as well. Vases, pots, pans and even the same belt that beat her daughter.

“Mama, Mama…” Amanda would wail as she was beaten, as she watched her parents fight to the death.

Soon, she did not see her father again. Little Amanda noticed this and asked why.

“Dear Amanda,” her mother replied, “he ran away.” Her eyes soon grew dull. Amanda knew this was a lie.

“Mama,” she wailed. “Why did you beat Daddy?”

Amanda’s mother would reply with nothing but her sad eyes. “I didn't…” she always managed.

Amanda told herself not to believe anything her mother said. Her mother noticed this, and committed suicide a few days after.

Now adays if you move in on Bradsbury Lane, and you have never felt the harsh pain of abuse, rumor goes that you will hear little sobs at night. As the ghost of little amanda walks around the town, looking for her mama...