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Have you ever had that feeling where it's 3 AM, and your eyes are burning and bloodshot, because you never blink? Or have you ever been awake so late that as soon as you close your eyes for just 2 seconds, you're already dozing off? But everybody knows this feeling: when you're half-awake and half-asleep, that you suddenly feel as you're falling, like you're jumping off a cliff, or falling off a building definitely, or falling out a window, or falling into a deep, dark abyss? Everybody has felt this before.

Doctors say this is a natural way when your brain thinks you are dying, as your heart rate slows down as you doze off. The Hypnotic Jerk, is what most people refer it to.

Is it natural? Most say.

But others disagree.

You feel as if your actually being pulled down right? But you have never seen what's pulling you down. Because you've always been half-asleep, eyes closed correct?

So, explain, how DO you know that this is just your brain thinking you are dying, You're half-asleep and your eyes are closed... Question that for a while.

The Pasta

It was quite late at night, 3 AM. As I was online, I decided to read some stories. My eyes hurt from reading the other Creepypasta found on here. I barely closed my eyes, just for the few seconds of moisture in my eyes.

Right to the pull of falling in the "abyss".

Something was there, pulling me! I know there was. This isn't my imagination. I couldn't wake up. It wouldn't let me. It pulled me down, and down. More and more... This thing pulled me down...

Then, BAM. I was finally awoken. Just to see a creature right in front of me, hissing everything it said backwards. I couldn't understand it, Everything was backwards. This creature had no eyes, just a huge mouth that took up most of its face. It had a sickly hue of Grey in its flesh. At its forehead was a gaping, black hole. Filled with the darkness I was now being surrounded by.

Blood on its teeth, it told me I was next. I couldn't escape, either I die now at the hands of this creature...Or I go insane by possession of fear. Yes, I could definitely choose to be killed. But what's the fun in that right? Insanity could be fun. And now, me and insanity had a long, long, life together...Come join me, Come now.

Just for a short while.