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I have very little time to write this.

Three days ago, I received Pokémon Diamond from a close friend of mine for my birthday. It was brand-new, never been opened.

Excited, I fired up the game as soon as I got home. Strangely, there was a save file already present.

The trainer was named Louis and had all badges and Pokémon. Curious, I loaded the save and was confronted with the sight of a seemingly normal game.

He had a team composing of four Gastly and two Magikarp. The Gastly were all named "Desire" and the two Magikarp were both named "Karpe Diem".

I laughed a little at the intentional misspelling of Carpe Diem and went off into the grass to test these Pokémon.

Despite not being at the head of the party, one of the Magikarps came out first. The game proudly announced,

"Karpe Diem wants to fight!"

I sighed, and tapped Fight.

To my surprise, the Magikarp knew Acid, Acid Armor, and Acid Spray as well as its usual Splash.

This disturbed me a little because I knew Acid Spray hadn't come out until the fifth generation but here I was, on a fourth generation game and a Magikarp, of all things, had the move.

I should have given the game back but I was too curious to just call my friend and force her to take the game back.

The game went on without me, the Magikarp using Acid Spray on the poor little Volbeat.

I set the game down and stared at it as it announced,

"Karpe Diem used Acid Spray! Volbeat was badly burned!"

It showed on the Volbeat, an entire half of its body was burnt and in places, melted entirely.

"Karpe Diem wants to eat! Let it?"

I furiously tapped no but the game didn't respond. Reluctantly, I tapped yes.

It showed an animation of the Magikarp leaping at, and consuming, the injured Volbeat.

Scared, I called my friend. She was over within a few minutes and said, "There's only one thing you can do with a cartridge like this." She then yanked the Diamond game out and shoved it into her mouth, crushing it under her teeth and swallowing.

"Call me if something happens again."