Acid Rain

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I was walking a long distance from my home down in Long Island, New York.


Every night my parents would fight, scream, abuse, and break things. They would blame me for the disaster they caused. They blamed me for fifteen years.

Not tonight though. I left what was now a quiet house for a smaller town. I was heading for Morro Bay, California.

I started walking at about midnight. My parents stopped screaming and fighting at about 11:45. I didn't know acid was that harmful. Let's just call my little project, "Acid Rain".

None of them knew that they were drinking it until it killed them. See, you go insane after a few years of hearing the same screams, thuds, words, shrieks; it gets annoying. It starts eating at the nerves in your brain until you finally snap and go into the psychopath state of wanting to kill anything that screams or is violent.

Now I know what you guys are thinking. "But killing is violent!!"

No, it's not. Threatening someone is being violent. Screaming is violent. Killing someone with a knife, acid, or a shotgun is not violence. It's ending the violence. I'm not saying "Hey, go kill yourselves guys! It's now a trend!" I'm saying, if you feel threatened in life, find a way to fix it.

Correct your life, before life corrects you.