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In this day and age it's hard to meet someone who doesn't admin a Facebook page am I right? Well let me warn you of someone. We all get those people asking for admin. But there is one in particular. Don't view his profile. Save yourself.

Once you view it, he will gain instant access to your page. He uses it to know you, to learn about you. He gains all the information including where you live. He'll stalk you, creep around your house. Follow you through stores, while you walk down the street, in your car, he follows and he watches. Then, he strikes. You will awake in a dark room. You will see a pair of eyes. That will be all. Then you are gone.

Now you want to know who he is? That is the fun part. I will not say. This link was rigged for him so I could keep my life.

As you read this he now has access to you and your page, to you information. Best part is, he will not show up in the Admin List. He could be on all our pages. He could be watching you right now. He could be anywhere, with YOU.

Best of luck for the remaining moments of your life.