Adventure Time: My Dream

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Today I woke up around 4’oclock and went to the bathroom, at the time I was wide awake so I decided to play some Pokémon. While playing, I suddenly grew tired, closed my DS and decided to go back to sleep.

My dream started out normal I was at home alone, and wanted to watch television and what was on was adventure time, Finn was at home and was getting ready to go to a party with Jake. When out of nowhere a goofy looking frog riding an owl burst through the window. He was holding a letter and the two looked blue as if they had been thawed out of ice. When Finn picked it up he then read it out loud. “Would you like to know the answers? Come to the farthest corner of the Ice Kingdom, and bring friends.” Jake who was now on screen and said “This is probably another one of Ice Kings tricks.”

From here I don’t know how Finn convinced Jake to go but they were both getting ready and PB was there as well, only I saw everything Finn saw. He still talked the same, and acted the same only it was as if I were Finn, and not only that they were in MY house, but pretended it was there’s.

During the time they were taking to get ready PB somehow grew angry with Finn and decided to go, Finn then said “Hold on PB I just need to grab mah music and were good to go” He then reached over on my desk and grabbed my iPod as well as my headphones. He even put them on in the same fashion as me. One headphone goes on my ear while the other one goes just behind the other ear on the back of my head so I could hear what people were saying, the song playing at the time had no relevance to the dream, but it was Fortune Faded by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The next clip was a montage of them walking through the land of ooo, gathering up as many friends as possible, it started off with familiar characters even background characters, then 3 tiny gingerbread men appeared outta nowhere walking alongside of the group, while crossing a bridge the gingerbread men had fallen into the water the others hadn’t noticed and continued walking. The camera then went into the water and the gingerbread men were fine, they were looking around then started walking towards a formation of rocks to climb back onto the bridge. While walking towards it 2 green glowing eyes appeared on the side of the screen in the shadowy part of the water, and for a quick second a hideous woman lunged at them her mouth was wide open ready to eat them, it then quickly went back to the group walking but the gingerbread men were gone.

The Montage continued for a bit longer. The group had almost everyone from the show that i could remember. There was PB, Jake, Finn, Marceline, LSP, Toby (the worm in jakes viola which Jake was playing at the time), Cinnamon Buns, Susan, That little fire thing from the Ice ninja episode, Stanly the watermelon, (in Finns backpack) The Tart Toter, Manish Man the Manly Minotaur, Billy, and the little old lady on his shoulder, Peppermint Butler, The Banana man, BMO, Old man cream puff, Starchy, Lemon grab, Donny, Even tree trunks was there. It showed them all walking through forests, through swamps, and even crossing a lake, (Jake turned into a Bridge on this Bit).

Then that moment in your dream happens where everything changes, and you get dropped into a scene and you just role with it as if you were there the whole time. It showed Finn somewhere in an unknown part of the Ice Kingdom, on an edge of a mountain, in a blizzard, alone, fighting a giant version of muscle princess, only she was made of metal and ice, with large yellow serpent eyes, and had two large doors on her chest. Finn said “Give me back my friends, monster!” The monster spoke in a sort of stereotypical, gypsy accent. “Fool I never took your friends, the blizzard did, you should have taken better care of them!” Finn screamed and knocked the monster to its knee’s Finn then climbed onto its chest opened the doors, and looked inside; he saw another set of doors and said “What the? These are the doors to my old child hood house!” The monster then said “you wanted the truth? Didn’t you?” she began to laugh.

Finn plunged into the doors and saw a large set of stairs, he began to climb them and as he climbed the steps, he heard a baby begin to cry and someone singing the lullaby “mocking bird”. When he finally reached the top there was another door. He opened it and saw Marceline wearing a red dress, at a sink singing the song. The baby continued crying. Finn whispered

“Marceline? Where are the others?”

Marceline never turned around and as he made his way over to her, PB wearing a yellow dress came out of the corner of the room and began to sing the song as well. Her eyes were blank and pupiless, and she never once acknowledged Finn who was standing in her path. She stood next to Marceline and they both continued singing the song. As Finn looked over their shoulders, he saw something that made him back away, it was a silhouette of a baby being held by Marceline, who occasionally lowered it into the water, but she wasn’t trying to drown it, maybe bathe it?

Finn then ran through another door into a long hallway that got smaller as he progressed until eventually he was on his knees crawling on all fours. He then said to himself,

“What is this place? Was what I saw really happening, or is this place designed to mess with my brain? Jake, where are you man I really need your help.”

Finn then crawled into a room with a bed and a small desk, he saw something shimmering on the desk and as he walked over to it the floor collapsed and he fell several stories all the floors looked the same, a bed and a desk in the same spot as the room before. He finally came to a stop when he hit what appeared to be a 15th century sewage system, as he got up he then heard a someone crying for help, the voice didn’t sound recognizable to me, but for some reason Finn cried out the name “Hope!” He ran in the direction the sound was coming from, until he saw a gate overlooking a large room as he approached it he yelled, “Hope, are you ok? Hope!? ” When he reached the gate, he looked into the room and saw it was empty.

He then heard a sound come from behind him and as he turned and looked the water which was thick and blurry, began to splash as if someone was walking through it. The splashes were headed in his direction. Finn began to whimper and fell to his knees covering his face, and just as he let out a little shriek the splashes stopped. He hesitated for a bit before moving his hands from his face. When he finally looked everything was quiet. As he was getting up the water splashed in front of him and a young green skinned girl rose from it gasping for breath. Fin shrieked so I laughed a little, Finn took a second look and though I didn’t recognize her he said “Hope? Oh my gosh are you all right?” Hope then said “yes Finn I’m fine, but we need to find a way out of here quickly.”

At this moment the view went back to me watching television, and someone I had never seen before walked in and said “what are you watching?” He was a male around the age of 20 and appeared overweight, and though I never seen him before in my life I welcomed him into my room as if I had, and I answered “adventure time” He then said “dude you watch that show?” I said "yah you should really see this shit its insane” we then continued watching, and most of the characters were now outside of the now deceased monster sitting alongside the wall of the mountain, Marceline then said “WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?? I’ve seen a LOT in my life, but that was just insane!” she dug her face into her knees and I noticed PB sitting upright on a rock her hands on her lap with her eyes closed, her eyebrows were in an angry expression and tears were gushing out of her closed eyes she never once said a word. Jake then came stretching through the doors carrying the rest of the characters out of the monster, his knees were shaking uncontrollably, and his eyes were completely white and his skin was a bit paler, he then said “Oh man has anyone seen Finn?” The characters, who were sitting along the wall all put their heads down, and I woke up.