Adventure Time: The Truth

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You have all heard of the jolly cartoonnetwork show Adventure Time, right? Well this isn't all as black and white as it seems. The real truth dates back to the 1940s during the halocaust.

Finn was a young 12 year old boy held captive at a labor camp, he had a very harsh case of Autism and Mental Retardation. The mixture caused him to flee to his imagination land, "The Land of Ooo".

Everything character on the show represents the mind of young Finn during the 1940s:

Finn: Represents him and his adventurous ways, which eventually, got him hung and stoned.

Jake: Jake was Finn's only real friend, he was sort of like a pet to him. A loyal pet at that. He was stoned to death, as  he and Finn got caught stealing out of the camp's mess hall.

Lady Rainicorn: Jake's girlfriend who couldn't speak English. Was executed for inability to read or write.

Princess Bubblegum: Finn had a huge crush on her, but her being too old for him, always turned him down.

Ice King: Ice King, was the camp leader who would always get beaten at everything by Finn and Jake. Ice King, or 'Simon', as his name was in the real world, would always try to molest and rape all of the teenagers at the camp. Finn and Jake were like knights for Princess Bubblegum, always protecting her.

Lumpy Space Princess: A loud mouth at the camp who was burnt to death for her inability to keep quiet. Finn thought to her as a friend for the short time she was alive.

Marceline: Someone who looked out for Finn and Jake and stole their stuff jokingly. She was shot for practices of Witch Craft.

There you have it. The sad truth behind it all. Have fun with your little joyous cartoon now.