Aeterna Fatum

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We have been trapped here for so long we can no longer count. We don't know how or when we arrived, we just woke up here. There are four of us, only four of us in this room, and "Him" out there. We manage to leave the room and we are left to roam about the dark halls. I am determined to find us a way out but "He" is too quick. I don't know who he is, no, I don't know "what" he is, but I can see him out the sides of my eyes every corner I turn. He eats lost souls and stalks the halls checking every possible place.

We know he is looking for us and he knows exactly where we are, but why does he take his time?! He is toying with us but we have to get out, we have to survive, but the only way would be to kill this demon. We try, we fail, and we keep failing and he continues to eat us one by one, over and over. We keep waking up back in this room, some how whole again.

No matter where we go, he always knows and that face, that horrid monstrosity staring and laughing at us. The demon then uttered our names, like an omen, throughout the halls, "Blinky, Inky, Pinky, Clyde there is no place you can hide." 

I look at him smiling at us from far down the hall and I finally realize it all, I realize why we will never die. We are already dead, this is hell, and he is our tormentor.