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It had been a couple of minutes when I began regretting getting on the bus. Not too soon after, I felt a droplet of water hit my forehead from the buswindow. I looked outside to find it was raining.

As everyone else with their windows open did, I closed my window and just stared out it, watching as we drove by every house, apartment, and store there was. For the life of me, I couldn't name the feeling I had felt at the present moment of the time, I was too busy focused on what lied outside of the bus windows to even care I guess...

But that shivering man in the cold is what got me to change my position, to move after sitting like a lifeless doll for a couple minutes. It was him that I needed to look back at and make sure I haven't lost my mind, if I really had seen what I saw.

He was definitely real, he was really there. I was actually praying that I went insane for a moment, but he was definitely real. I dismayed this man's existence as the bus traveled on. The cold breeze fell onto my back, even though my window was closed, and it made me fall asleep, shivering and crying. The image of that man just stayed in my head, pure as one could imagine.

I wanted to forget him, but he stalked my dreams in that nap. I swear to God he was following me. I woke up to notice that the silent rain had stopped. But lightning was flashing. It took me a while to notice, but in each flash, I saw that man, but he was doing different things in each flash. I got out my camera, as an attempt capture an image of him... it was a failure.

It was next to nothing that made me wonder why the man frightened me so much. Looking back at it all, the man was just another average man, just shivering in the cold. That took him out of my subconscious, and for a while there, it gave me subconscious peace. But the new thing in the flashes of lightning, I saw the pitch white family. In each flash they looked more and more dead. In the last flash that I saw them in, they were literally just skeletal figures, but they stayed on my mind all night.

A few hours had passed by, and I realized I still hadn't arrived at my stop. I looked out the bus window for the surroundings, to notice the flashes of lightning weren't lightning... they were the flaring of flames, and this bus was driving along the side of this firepit, we've been going in circles for hours now.

I then smelt gasoline, it was coming from my forehead... where the rain dripped at. The land below wasn't filled with leftover snow, it was ash. Those weren't buildings, they were firewood. This wasn't a campfire, this was hell.