Afterschool Detention

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Afterschool detention

I remember my first detention very well. It was my first and last. We had a new head teacher temporarily. The year was 2001. I remember the year before well. A boy called Nick went missing, and the boys toilets mirror continued to scare the school. The old head teacher decided to get rid of the mirror. He went in, and never came out.

The next head teacher was rarely seen. A recluse. I was at the toilets, when he came in. "What are you doing? You know you shouldn't be here!" "But sir-" All of us were put in detention.

The week went away with me, and it was 5:30 at night when I received a call. "Roger didn't come home from school tonight. He had a detention, he told me you had one too? How come you are home and he isn't?" It was Roger's mum. Roger was my friend that was also there when we got a detention.

"I forgot about it. Sorry." It was weird. Roger hadn't come home, but we hadn't got an afterschool detention.

I never saw the head teacher again. EVER.