Again, Please

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I crashed through the window, shards of glass embedding themselves into my back.

I hit the ground with quite a bang. Blood began to squirt out of the wounds in my back. The thing that threw me through the window was walking towards me. It lifted me up with ease, and hurled me to the other side of the room. Upon impact with a wall, I was knocked un-conscious.

I awoke in a pool of blood. I looked around at the destruction caused by the thing. There was glass scattered along the ground. The wall behind me was cracked. The door leading into the building was torn of its hinges.

I attempted to stand up, but painfully collapsed. I lay there for a while, not wanting to move in fear of hurting myself. After what seemed like years, I built up the courage to begin crawling along the ground. I left a trail of blood as I slowly made my way towards the door. I exited the building, into the blinding light of day. I looked across the street to see my car, now a burning wreck. I scanned the area to make sure the thing was gone.

It wasn't.

It saw me leaving the building, it began to sprint toward me. I closed my eyes, accepting my fate. I waiting for the end, but it didn't come. I opened my eyes, to see that thing was standing there, its left arm outstretched, as if it were looking a handshake. I reached out and gripped onto the hand, and it helped me to my feet. I felt this strange force surging through my body, and when I finally stood up I was completely healed from all my wounds. I turned to see my car, looking good as new. The exterior of the building looked as if nothing had ever happened, the door was un-damaged and the window was repaired.

I turned back around to the thing, and it lifted me off my feet. It threw me towards the building.

I crashed through the window, shards of glass embedding themselves into my back.