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I never really understood much about guardian angels. Only that they watch over you but can never be seen. Is it true? Are there such things as guardian angels? I'm not to sure but I can tell you this:

It all started off back in March 2006. When I was only 11. School was almost over and summer vacation was almost here except, it was cold enough outside to feel like mid fall was still around.

I just finished the day at school and got home around 4pm. I went to my grandmothers house which was right beside my house (She took care of me when my parents weren't home).

But today was different, I noticed the door to my house was unlocked. It was strange, my parents never leave the door like this. I didn't take into consideration that someone or something could be roaming around my house and just walked in.

Around 6PM I logged onto my computer to play some games, the usual thing I do when my parents allowed me onto their computer. As I searched for some simple flash games I came across this strange looking website with huge text saying

'Scroll down, can you see him?..'

So I did. It was a normal living room but black and white. Not a single sound was coming out of my computer and I could see anything so I looked closer.

Through a window I could see what looked to be a man attempting to harm an innocent woman. I thought this was a picture?

Seconds later what seemed to be another man in a long trench coat and what looked to be a fedora hat grabbed the man, violently threw him to the ground and started beating him!

...he ..he was protecting her. It all made sense now. Just in time my parents got home. That night I was tossing and turning in my bed, thinking about that video my parents had gone to sleep early and left the TV on in the other room. Assuming that they left the sleep timer on that it would turn off eventually so I didn't go turn it off myself.

The light from the TV illuminated my door which was very bright and was probably what was causing me to stay up so late... But then... It happened.

I was just about to fall asleep when I hear my door handle lightly tap the wall of my door.

I quickly open my eyes and look at my door and see a figure in a position like he was running into my room. The light of the TV burns my eyes so I rub them and try to focus on what it was but before I knew it... It was gone...

I made out that it was in the shape of a human which had a trench coat shape and a fedora hat... Like that video... I then start to freak out,

"MOM?!" I screamed

"Is everything okay?" She answered back

"I just had a bad dream"

I alway see this strange figure ever since that night now. He's always there.. Watching... Like a shadow. He never seems to show signs of hurting me or anyone he's just there. Watching over me. Whenever something bad is about to happen to me it all of a sudden changes and things go as if it never happened.

A fedora and a trench coat...

..he's always dressed in that.. Never different?..

Kind of like... I guess you can say.. an Agent...