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You may want to read Mask of the Abyss before reading this.

The Pasta

It was pretty gruesome. I grabbed a doctor's needle that I didn't even know I had, and stabbed my neighbor Ned in the eye. But... That wasn't enough for me. I needed his BLOOD. I stabbed him open and tore him open with a scalpel (which I also didn't know I had). He released the liquid I craved. I covered myself in his blood.

But... I felt something else. I was weakening. My strength was leaving me. I needed more blood. It was the only way I could survive... Wait, no! Not me. It was something else. It was the mask! I had to take it off!

Get... Off!" I said, as I struggled to remove the mask.

"You can not remove me! It's useless to struggle!" The familiar voice said.

"So, it's you. It's the mask that's been speaking to me. Well, I didn't ask for you, so get off!"

"I'm afraid it's not up to you. It was never your choice, it was your destiny."

"What does that mean?!"

"Ahh...! Argh! My strength! You got lucky this time."


The mask's glow began to fade, and so did my consciousness. The mask fell off of my face. I fell on to the concrete, and knocked out.

I awoke in what I first thought to be a hospital. But, upon further inspection, I realized where I really was. I was in the police station jail.

"Crap." I said, as I held on to the bars of my cell.

A cop walked up to my cell. He seemed to be a bit nervous.

"Alright. You get one phone call. And make it quick." He said.

"If you say so." I responded.

I was handcuffed to a chair so that I wouldn't be able to escape. That reminded me. I used my free hands to check my pockets. The mask was still there.

"Hey, before I make my call, can I ask a question?" I asked.

"Besides the one you just asked?" The cop jokingly said. "Sure."

"Don't you guys check and take my stuff?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Well..." I said, holding and showing the mask.

"Where'd you get that?"

"It's been following me."

"Likely story. Hand it over."

"With pleasure."

I handed him the mask. By some strange force, however, the mask was shaking in the cop's hand. He was struggling to keep a grip on it. Finally, the mask flew out of his hands, and in to my pocket.

"What was that?!" The cop asked.

"I'm not sure." I replied.

"Oh, well. At least you can't use a mask like that as a weapon."


"You'd be surprised," I thought.

"Anyway, you'd better make your call soon." The cop said.

"Oh, yeah!" I replied.

I picked up the phone and dialed the only number I could think of. Luna's number.

"Please answer..." I said.

"Hello?" Luna said.

"Luna, it's me!"

"Why are you calling from the police station's number?"

"Because I beat you to it." I jokingly said.

"Quit kidding around and tell me what happened!"

"Alright, alright. Well, to explain, I got arrested before you could even turn me in."

"What!? Why?"

"Well, if you're wondering whether or not I turned myself in or not, I didn't. I was found in my neighbor Ned's blood."

"So you did kill all of those people!"

"Wait, no! Hear me out!"

"Fine, but you had better have a good explanation."

"... It's the mask. Remember the one I had? I know that somehow, it's taking over my body, and it's forcing me to kill people."

"Listen, Daniel. You're wasting my time. I was expecting a false explanation, but not one as bad as this."

"Wait, it's not a lie!"

"Goodbye, Daniel."


But she couldn't hear me anymore. She hung up.

"Time to go back to your cell. You'll be in court in two days." The cop said.

Sighing, I returned to the cell, with the mask in my hand.

Two days later, I was escorted by another cop. He was a rookie, by the look of it. I was slightly bored, despite the fact that I was heading to an unwinnable case. So, I decided to talk to the cop.

"Hi. What's your name?" I said.

"I'm not supposed to be talking to the criminal." He replied.

"For a rookie, you sure know your stuff. But how do you know I'm even a criminal? There's a reason I'm going to court."

"... That's a good point. Fine, you win."

"I knew you'd budge! So, anyway, what's you name?"

"My name is Nero."

"Any last name?"

"Nero is a ll you need to know, Daniel Ventura."

"So you already know my name. And I take it you're Italian. Nero is an Italian name."

"...Yes. So are you."

"I think I would know."

"Whatever. We're here."

He escorted me out of the car and in to the court. A large group of people, some of them that I knew, most that I didn't, attended the court. I noticed Luna wasn't here. I was taken to the defendant's side. The judge said his usual words, and at some point, he said:

"Does the defendant plead guilty or innocent?"

As he said this, I was thinking about my case. It was hopeless. So, I decided to end this quickly.

"The defendant pleads... Guilty!" I said.

Everybody in the court gasped. They seemed shocked that I wasn't willing to defend myself. Even Nero, who was still in the court, seemed surprised. But, I didn't care.

"Very well," Said the still surprised judge, "Take him to Washington State Prison."

With that, Nero, along with other policemen, (including the other unnamed cop from earlier) took me out of the court.

"Is that all you've got? What's the sentence?" I asked.

"25 years to lifetime!" The judge replied.

"That might be a problem," I thought.

The policemen dropped me off, and I was taken by the prison guards.

"Hey, 25 years isn't so bad." I thought.

Then again, there was that possible lifetime thing for me, but there was nothing I could do about it.

"I can do something about it." Said the mask.

"It's you again!" I shouted.

The guards stared at me. One of them mumbled to another, and I assumed he said something about me acting crazy.

"You fool! Don't speak out loud. Speak with your mind."' The mask said.

I concentrated. I didn't want to sound crazy to the guards, but I also wanted answers.

"Is it working?" I asked.

The guards didn't seem to notice me saying anything, so I assumed it did.

"Excellent. Now, do you know how we'll escape?" The mask asked.

"Now hold on one second! I need answers first." I replied.

"...Fine. Ask away."

"First off... Who and what are you?"

"I apologize for not starting off right with you. My name is Agent Red. I am a Mask."

"A mask? I already know you're a mask. And your name can't be 'Agent Red'."

"Let me explain. Long ago, the place I'm from was under attack. My people were losing. So, they established the Order of Agents. Masks were created, and they were given to chosen people." Agent Red said.

"How did you end up with me?" I asked.

"I'll get to that part later. Anyway, there were two powerful Masks. Agent Black, and Agent White. They were both plague doctor Masks. However, my people wanted to enforce their power. They attempted to create another plague doctor Mask. And the result was..."


"Yes, Agent Red. However, there was a slight flaw to me. There still is. I can only survive off of blood. When I was created, I killed several of my people. I couldn't be stopped. That is, until Agent White decided to try to defeat me. He was destroyed, at least, his body was. The Mask of Agent White was severely weakened. However, he managed to banish me here and put a seal on me. I would activate like normal. However, I needed blood to activate. The seal ensured that I would deactivate soon after coming in contact with blood."

"So why did I end up with you?"

"They saw that I felt some remorse for killing. So they gave me one more chance. In you. Which is why I'm going to break you out. Tonight. For now, goodbye."

"Goodbye." I said out loud, accidentaly.

It was good timing, at least, because at that point, I was thrown into my cell. I looked outside. It still looked about mid-day, but I decided to go to sleep anyway. If what Agent Red said about me breaking out was true, I was going to need some sleep.

I had an odd dream. There was a circle of masked people. They were dressed as people from all over the world fthroughout history, including... A black plague doctor. But, the thing that really got my attention, was the sight in the middle. There was a white plague doctor on the floor, covered in what appeared to be a puddle of his own blood. There was also a red plague doctor on his knees. The masked people began to chant, and he was screaming, and suddenly, vanished in a cloud of red smoke.

I woke up in panic.

"Are you ready to escape?" Agent Red asked.

"...Absolutely." I said.

With that, we prepared our escape in the night.


This pasta will be continued in the pasta, Prison Break.