Aggron's Mountain

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Credit to MrEkul
Aggron's Fire Red and Leaf Green Pokedex entry says, "It claims a large mountain as its sole territory. It mercilessly thrashes those that violate its space."

All who enter his mountain lair.

From their body, the skin will tear

With his claws, as strong as iron

Even grown men, will be cryin

You will not, leave this place.

Without knowing, what's beneath your face.

You will drown, in your blood.

While he stomps, you in the mud.

There is no way out of here.

Your final wish, will soon be clear.

To die real fast, and take away your fear.

The sounds are louder, he is almost near.

You cannot run, you cannot hide.

All who have come, will surely die.

If you come across his mountain path,

there is no escape from Aggron's wrath.