Ain't Over Until the Zombies Groan

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Let's go back a bit here. I was 12 years old, Still young and energetic, Full of youthful energy. I loved my Auntie so much. She was like the angel of my life. She WAS... Sadly, Like everyone she passed away before her 87th Birthday.. I remember crying over her death. Since then, I lost all hope for everything, I stopped going to school and pretty much did nothing. That lasted for about 2 months... All I did in those months was think about my Auntie, The good times we had before she died. I remember my Mother coming to me and shouting at me. "GET UP KAI!!!"

I remember this day because, Little did I know I was going to join my Auntie, Up in heaven. Or hell. After my mother Bellowed at me, I ended up going to school... There, I knew everyone would make fun of me, Except my first "mate" Jim.

"Hey!" He said as I walked into the class. The class seemed... Different than I remembered it. Almost as if a whole new class... "Well? Aren't you going to say hi?" He said again. "H-Hi" I stuttered. I felt slightly offput, But I shook it off thinking it was just becasue of my Auntie's death.

"Whats up Mate?" Said Jim, Looking at me. "Oh nothing..." I said after a moment of silence. The Teacher started going on about English. Or was it maths? I cant Exactly remember, Since I am dead. Anyway, I wasn't really listening and I was just looking out of the window. "Jesus Christ..." I said. My Jaw dropped.

"No.. It couldn't be..." I thought to myself. "But.. Zombies aren't real right?" Outside of the window was a "Man" Eating half of a pigeon. Knowing that zombies Couldn't exist, I turned to the teacher and ignored the canibal.

After school, I walked with Jim. You remember him right? My first "Mate"? Anyway, We were walking home and I saw the same man I saw earlier, Except, He had what seemed like blood around his mouth and hands. I shuddered and continued to walk with Jim. Strange thing was, When I was anywhere around those "things" I felt unnerved and slightly frightened. Almost as if I shouldn't have seen them.

I told my mother what I saw that day and she said "Oh its your imagination Kai..." As women do. But I knew that it wasn't. Later on, around 4:27 We went to the park to walk my dog. I saw another of those things and it looked at me. Eyes smeared in blood and hands full of what seemed like guts from the human body... "Oh hello!" Said my mother. My mother didn't know what zombies were at the time. And just walked up and gave "it" A handshake! Of course, This was a bad idea. My father poked my mother on the shoulder and she ate his finger. They all looked at me and Jim, Who i'd found playing in the park too. Before I knew it, We were surrounded my these things. "HELP!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. That only atrracted more of them... They devoured us. Ate every last Bone and internal organ in our body.

You may be wondering, "If you are Dead, how are you telling this story?" Yes, I'm dead. Im in heaven... Not with that corrupted world anymore. Dead Grass, Corrupted mutants everywhere. Heaven is where I am.Just think about it. You're down there, Groaning, Moaning, Looking for brains...