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It wretches your stomach until it erupts into a volcanic explosion of blood of which is pressurized from your mouth and nostrils and eye sockets. It alters your orientation of your senses and you are only capable of hearing a piercing screech as your ears begin to bleed with a thick and fluid trickle that dives from your earlobes with a unanimous pulse from your rapidly beating heart.

This virus…it was simply referred to as it once the pattern developed: an epidemic of unexplainable infirmity…it was not an evil clown; it was not an abused child; it was a virus…the virus.




The future was a bitch once it was discovered and even more of a bitch once it was confirmed to be airborne. The Mayans had nothing to do with this shit…it was a mere science experiment gone horribly wrong. Purely morbid chaos and panic evolved within the anarchical human population—the humans with enough intelligence as doctors and scientists used their limited time for an understanding of what the hell the virus was.


Airborne—it creeps throughout our atmosphere and bonds to all available oxygen molecules.


Deadly—it will guarantee you a freshly printed death certificate with your name on it.


Incurable—if a cure becomes within existence, it will be after the extinction of the human race.


Victim #0001


A newborn infant—the first experimentally human life produced with asexual development. The gene expressions mutated with extreme malignancy until the baby literally exploded.


Victim #0002


The mother of the baby—suicide was already in consideration due to the failure of her endometriosis’s avoidance, but the virus took the liberty of her death without her guilt.


Victim #0003


The nurse of which delivered the test subject—child birth is supposed to be a beautiful thing, and it always was for this nurse; however, she had never witnessed that much blood.


The following victims were the families of the initial victims—the virus spread and the neighborhoods of which withheld the victims were infected and the cities of which withheld the neighborhoods were infected. Once the police reports were overflowed with the tags of blood and exploded as they pertained to every single goddamned victim with the same inhumane effects, reality had become intertwined with horror and science fiction.

Once the cities developed into states and the states developed into countries—all infected and quarantined—hell had been unleashed with an evil that was so fucking vicious it was attempting to vanquish the humans off the face of the earth…and it was succeeding.


Surgical masks and even gasmasks were to no avail; hell, biohazard suits were considered a semipermeable membrane for the virus with just enough perforation for the infective agent to claim you as its host for the massively unpleasant parasitism.

Once that baby was born, the entire fucking human race was given an expiration date.


The manmade virus was essentially a mutated infectious disease of which consisted of a nucleic acid that was so damn malignant its parasitism was a terminal illness. The molecules possessed the intelligence of which was beyond the average unicellular organism and it bonded with our precious oxygen more effortlessly than carbon as it glided across the globe. Every human that inhaled oxygen was in deep shit as only a matter of months was the buffers between their life and death.

The techniques of running away and/or excessive precautions within a sterile environment of isolation are useless—if you are breathing oxygen, you will become infected. Every breath of air, whether it is thin in the Himalayas or polluted in Cuba’s favelas, is now thought of being two things: wanted, as you are still breathing with lungs of which are not yet contaminated with a pneumonia of suffocating blood with your life becoming stretched to its maximum limit, or unwanted, as you know that the oxygen has bonded or will bond with the airborne virus and guarantee you a painfully violent death from what your body is naturally forced to breathe due to human instinct.


Victim #3397


The President of the United States—wherever the hell Air Force One jetted the President to, it didn’t work. All precautions were performed with extra precautions; the most powerful human in the country was too important to risk death, but the virus spat in his face with a demonic smirk.

Early within the outbreak, the President’s blood was splattered across his protective bodyguards—one had his stomach contents smeared deep into his expensive suit; another was wearing his intestines as a necklace.

The Vice President was terminated shortly after in addition to the rest of Congress and essentially the entire government. This was when taxes were forgotten and anarchy developed into a free-for-all within another Civil War.

The United States of America had a population of approximately four hundred million citizens, most of which were innocent without a good reason to die. And then after the virus’s early weeks of existence, divide the population in half, and then subtract a life every following second…that was now the human population, rapidly deteriorating as the charts nosedived as deep into hell as possible.


The United States of America concluded due to its state of turmoil of which was put to rest by a nationwide genocide. The country’s debt was finally paid off with nothing short of the America’s termination—a brutal substitute for the ever-increasing trillions of dollars.

Massive vomit inducing scenes of blood and gore were swept across the country with severed heads and limbs lying idle within the deserted territory. Those who fled to Canada or Mexico were soon added to the body count as they were reached by the virus.

North and South America’s populations were obliterated—what began as a breath of fresh air became a vomiting of blood…and then an explosion of internal organs splattering across the terrain.

The deaths of which were developed by the virus were provided with such a variety due to the large quantity of fatalities. The streets were littered with dying citizens, some of which vibrated into a state of violence that dislodged their bones from their joints and pierced through their skin; some of which exploded and sent the fragmented shrapnel of bones into the brains of a terrified spectator; some of which began their vomiting of blood within their deep sleep, and just before they are awakened, they are choking to death on their own blood.


The virus only added to Africa’s multiple issues and conflicts—and the virus was by far the worst epidemic of the country (and the world). Africa’s population was eliminated in a matter of days—weak and brittle human bodies breathing contaminated oxygen was essentially suicide.

The African race was a teetering game of Jenga as the virus consumed the bodies of which were starved of nutrients, and as the virus migrated and expanded across the Atlantic Ocean, the tower collapsed into a helter-skelter of dying humans coughing up blood until it developed into severe vomiting and concluded with a sickening and stomach-churning death.

Half of the goddamned world was now converted into bloody body parts and organs of which were smeared across the carpet of the houses…the concrete of the cities…the asphalt of the playgrounds.

And the virus continued to expand as it mocked the humans for their required reliance upon breathing. The lands continued to be swept as the wind blew the mutilation into streams that lined the gutters with rivers of blood spilled from the humans. If life was restored within the effected continents, there would be one helluva mess to clean up—where would it all go? If the blood was rinsed down the drains, you can bet your ass that the ocean would mutate into a darkly reddened hue.


Victim #9999…


…the counter has exceeded its limit long ago—the quadruple digits were quintupled and then sextupled, quickly reaching the seven digit millions, and then the virus was the cause of billions of human deaths. Europe could only cower in fear of which was so excruciating with the feeling of knowing your death was creeping from just inches away.


A European scientist collected his son’s body—devoured by the virus’s murder, the blood poured from the wounds as his bones were exposed and his organs were corrupted. But this scientist was salvaging what was left of his son, studying the samples of the virus of which were embedded within the mutilated body.

He studied the remains of his son under a microscope—one thousand times magnification showed no issue in revealing the motherfucker responsible for billions of lives.

“It’s multiplying so rapidly…the rate of mitosis is incredible!” and he let out a minor cough. “This is beyond malignancy…what the hell is it?” and another cough occurred from deep within his chest in addition to a gulp of blood. His studies beneath the electron microscope continued: “So fast and so strong…a cure is beyond human capabilities,” and then the vomiting erupted from his mouth with the pressurized blood. “I love you, son…” and the convulsions evolved into violent escapes of blood until the spontaneous combustion occurred, and then the scientist became reunited with his son.


The virus eventually checked Europe off of its metaphorical list, and then Asia was invaded. The world’s most populated countries were encountered by the virus—India’s extreme intelligence was frozen in fear and China’s controlled environment had lost control. The chaos and anarchy was routine with the unpleasant visit from the virus.

Crowded roads and villages were rampaged as a trail of exploding bodies polluted the countries’ habitat and produced a boiling concoction of fear within the inhabitants. The humans were so helpless…there was literally absolutely nothing that they could do—they could only wait for their time of death of which was extremely near.


The entire earth was aware of the Mayans’ 2012 theory, but the majority confirmed it as a controversial hoax—the end of the world would be pretty difficult to achieve considering the vastness of the earth…but the virus succeeded, whether it was coincidentally synchronized with the Mayans’ predictions or a mere science experiment gone horribly wrong, the world had ended.


Australia’s population was the last of the seven billion humans within the world to erupt into a shower of grotesquely released blood and gore. The entire fucking world…vanished within a matter of months from the airborne virus. The terrain was coated with a layer of blood of which smeared across Australia and the remaining six continents as the putrefying bodies floated in their own blood with their limbs and organs strewn across their explosion’s radius.

The airborne virus was victorious with the extinction of the human race, and it made the Black Plague look like a pussy.