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The other day I bought a new alarm clock on eBay. It was a fancy one that showed the weather. I hooked it up and I woke up to the weather forecast. On the 6 night I had it I went to bed and I had a bad dream. I then woke up with and I looked at the alarm clock and it said "666" on it. I then reset it then it said "Searching" like what it normally does to look for the time. It than displayed the time then I went back to sleep. I woke up again and found the alarm clock to say "666". I went to unplug it when it burst into flames. Then suddenly it was daylight. I brought the clock to a local dump. I went back and the alarm clock was on my nightstand again. I brought it to a incinerator and burned it. Then on my way back I faint and got into an accident in my car. An EMT saved my life. I have never bought an alarm clock after that situation.