Albert's Funeral

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Dose anybody remember the show Fat Albert? You know that show that aired from 1972-1984? Well it was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I was on eBay the other day and I found a collectors edition box set for Fat Albert, so I bought it.

It came in the mail a few days later. I got it and took it inside and I called my friends Josh and Miles. I asked if they could come over and watch it with me, they were also Fat Albert fans and said they would come over and watch. Once they got there I put in the disc and put on the episode "The Hospital", you know, the one where Bill and Russell go and get their tonsils removed, yeah that one.

Then the intro played, but it was in reverse and the sky was red and at the end it showed Bill Cosby dead. We gasped, then the title card said "Albert's Funeral", then the episode began, we looked at the screen puzzled.

Then it showed the gang walking down the street, going to school.  In this scene there was no sound at all, no music, no nothing. Then a black late model Cadillac was driving down the road fast, then it slowed to about 5–6 miles per hour.  Three men popped out of the windows, one man had 2 9mm handguns, the second man had a 12 gauge shotgun, pump action sawed off.  The third man had an AK-47 sawed off, then driver had a sawed off .270.

Then, the screen went black, then one man shouted, "Get the fucking nigger", then they all opened fire on the gang. All the bullets hit Albert, and he was getting ripped apart, and blood was everywhere. We just gasped for 5 minutes, then the next scene appeared. The skies were gray throughout the rest of the episode. The gang was crying and Albert was in a coffin.

The screen cut to static, then my TV exploded. We ran outside and drove to Miles house, then we talked about what just happened.  We turned on her TV and a picture of Fat Albert was there with black souless eyes. He was full of bullet holes and said "You can't run", then the credits played. Then it said disc entertainment 666 did not own Fat Albert, then it went back to regular cable. 

My first pasta hoped yall liked it signed super mario 1993!