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About 5 or 6 years ago, there was a man named Alex. His last name is unknown, along with many other details about him. In late March, he met his wife; her name is unknown as well, and they seemed like the perfect couple. They got married in April, and it appeared like they would be together forever. But all was not what it seemed. You see, Alex was quite bad with money, and his wife had a heroin addiction. Those two facts put together was a bad combination. Alex was a lawyer, and needed to travel a lot, and while he was gone, his wife would take money from their shared bank account, and use the money to buy heroin. Seeing as Alex was bad with money; and he would spend his hard earned cash fruitlessly, so he couldn’t afford a good car, along with a good television set, or anything for that matter. He also had his suspicions of his wife’s acts, but she assured him that the deducted money that he saw was just an error of the bank, and no money was actually taken out. As she was an avid user of heroin, she got used to disposing of the needles without Alex being any the wiser.

Sadly, on an unfortunate day in mid December, Alex’s wife died in the crossfire of a gunfight while making a buy from her dealer while Alex was out on a business trip. Alex only learned of his wife’s fate when he got off of the plane and started driving home, at about 11:00PM. Alex was un-imaginably traumatized. Not only was he filled with uncontrollable grief, on the way home, his car broke down along a dark lonely road. He was too far from home to walk, so his only hope was to try to hitch-hike home. He thought he was going to be stuck out here for the night because, even though this was the shorter way back to civilization from the airport, no one took this road due to its dangerous twisting turns. But fate was on his side, for he saw a car coming from behind him. He stuck out his thumb, and the car stopped about 10 feet in front of him. He ran to the passenger side door, and opened the door to get in. Just then, a skeleton popped out.