Alex's Demise

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Local news report from the channel 12 Ohio News. "Local boy of 13 years Alex Tilman from Saltillo, Ohio found with parents murdered. Stab wound in stomach and arm, only survivor sentenced to the Ohio State Psychiatric Ward for life. This was found with the bodies."

"My name is Alex Tilman. If you are reading this. I’m dead. I have been stuck in this dreaded psych ward for 2 months, and I haven’t slept at all. This is currently being written on a piece of paper and a pencil the nice nurse Lily gave me.

I’m writing this to tell my story.

It began with a crash from downstairs followed by screaming from my parents room. Then suddenly it all stopped, and I could hear my heart pounding in my chest. I was so afraid. All of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I see something in the window.

But when I looked, it disappeared. Suddenly, I saw this person with the weirdest face I had ever seen, and those terrible eyes.
I will never forget them, they’re implanted into my eyes like he was staring into my soul.

The last thing I remember was hearing “Go to Sleep.”

Today, Lily came in and gave me some pills that are supposed to help me get better. That's what she said anyway, and she was crying. I couldn’t figure out why.

Ever since that dreaded night I haven’t slept at all.

I’m afraid to sleep.