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Warning: some of the language in this pasta may not be suitable for all audiences.

It is Apiril 25th, 2012, the time is 12:40PM. This seems odd to me but I guess I'm suffering from a severe case of jet lag. My name is Alex Black and I have seen a war that has yet to happen. The horrors of which I care not to recount but I guess I have no choice.

Let's start with a simple question. Have you noticed how your friends and family are acting? Maybe your parents are becoming distant and cold, or your lover doesn't kiss you quite as passionately as they once did, or perhaps you best friend has been giving you the cold shoulder and ignores you when you need that shoulder to cry on? Isn't it strange how those you once confided in are now so far away, emotionally?

This is no concidence, trust me. They are not who they claim to be. In fact, they are now the ones who have watched mankind rise from a primordial ooze to what we are now. We are lab rats to them but instead of cheese we receive wealth and instead of electrical shocks, we are pushed into conflict after conflict, killing one another for their enjoyment.

They have become scare of us though that is why the war started. After years of watching us make love, taking our first shit, and seeing us become stronger and even more advanced then they had anticipated. They have become afraid of the rats escaping the cage. That is why they have sent for their ships, which in your time are approaching Earth.

This warning is from a future that I hope to stop. I don't care if I'm not born as a result. No child should ever grow up in what I have seen. Remember to keep watch and beware those you love because maybe those are the ones you should fear.