Alfred's Payback

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Hi, my name is Hayley and I'm a Hetalia fan. I really like the show, but after a certain incident...I never could really look at the show the same way again.

I was bored one day and was browsing through my On-demand menu on my TV for something to watch. I looked up the anime section and saw episodes of Hetalia. All of them cost money to watch except for a new episode that was labeled "Alfred's payback". It was weird, because the episodes were usually labeled by what number they were like: Hetalia Episode 1 and such and very rarely in the show did the characters call each other by their human names.

I didn't think much of it though. Alfred a.k.a. USA was my favorite character from the series and it was a free episode that I've never heard of before so I played it.

The episode started with USA sitting at a table, but he seemed different. He wasn't happy and cheerful like usual but instead looked stoic and agitated. You could hear noise in the background. Alfred seemed to be in the meeting room at the world conference and the door in the room was wide open. The sound quality was amazing too. It was as if the voice actors themselves were in the room with you.

In the hallway, outside the room was Canada, who was talking to Britain. They were laughing. I was in shock as I heard Canada say, "I don't know how I could be related to such an idiotic Yankee." It was so weird to hear a character so gentle and sweet say something so...mean. The tone of his voice was also very hateful.

Britain laughed, saying "I wonder that too. Such a disgusting Yank." They were saying these hateful things about Alfred and he could hear it all. Then the frame went to a clock and showed that hours had gone by and nothing changed. Britain and Canada were still outside the door, saying hateful things about Alfred and laughing. The only thing that did change was Alfred's expression. It was so sad...he started crying. It sounded like the voice actor himself was crying, it was so realistic and creepy.

I began to get uncomfortable. I've watched many episodes of Hetalia and none of them were this depressing. The things that Britain and Canada were saying became more and more disturbingly hateful.

Canada said "He deserved 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Every one of his citizens who died in those events deserved what they got."

Britain followed with, "He's such a child. He actually thinks we care about him. I personally wouldn't care if he were to die in front of us."

Their laughter grew louder and more distorted as the camera panned back to Alfred sobbing. "Shut up..." Alfred said in an angry tone. He got up and walked to the doorway and behind the two laughing nations. They didn't seem to notice him and just kept laughing. His hand reached inside of his bomber jacket that he always wore. Alfred then said in a dark tone "I said..." the screen cut to black and loudly and clearly I could hear Alfred say "SHUT UP!"

When the screen came back, the camera was fixed on Britain. He was on the floor, covered in blood, dead. It looked like his throat had been hacked at and his tongue was cut out of his mouth and lying on the floor next to his head. The camera then panned to Alfred standing over his brother with a bloody hunting knife in his hand. Canada was covered in blood looking up at USA traumatized. He was sobbing and Alfred just looked down at him, covered in Britain's blood and a twisted smile on his face.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was terrified. I wanted to turn the TV off or unplug it but it wouldn't let me. So I continued watching.

Canada looked up at Alfred with tearful eyes. It also sounded like his voice actor was really crying. He said "Alfred, please...I'm your brother."

Alfred then knelt down to him and held the blade to Canada's throat and said, "Brothers shouldn't say mean things about each other." The camera panned to the wall next to Canada's head. I heard multiple slashing sounds and blood splattered the wall.

The camera went back to Alfred, who was standing up from his brother's corpse and looked at the camera. He gave a cute smile and seemed back to his normal self again. I would've thought it was cute...if I haven't just seen what he did.

Still looking at the camera with a cute smile he said "You don't hate me, do you?"

Then the TV finally turned off. I was freaked out and wanted to know more about what the hell I just watched. I plugged the TV back in and looked through On-Demand, but the episode wasn't anywhere to be found. I looked online to find out more about it but nothing came up. It was as if the episode itself just vanished from existence.

Like I said, I still like the show but I just... just can never look at Alfred the same way again.