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There's always been a theory dashing around humans. The theory is that there is life outside of our planet. That theory is technically correct, but I don't think it's really what you are looking for. There IS life outside our planet. A single life. A single alien. A very lonely alien. All it wants is a few friends. But sadly, it's too far for your technology to travel at this time.
It's constantly surrounded by the corpses of its creator and theirs before that and so on. For you see, the way this "species" works, is it births a single offspring with a single parent. The parent then proceeds to die, leaving the baby to live on its life. It has to walk through its world, knowing it's the reason its creator is dead. It's the reason there's another one of those lifeless shells is spread across its planet.

I inform you of this not because it's dangerous, but because it's endangered. You human freaks need to speed up your technology and save it before the monsters get there, and there are a ton of those. The monsters that threaten this poor alien are ones that can be easily stopped if you have a Model 9 AGS 9021 Compactable Lazer Rifle. But you shouldn't have those for a few hundred years. So, that is to say, they're nearly unstoppable at this time.

But you can find it on the alien's planet. It doesn't know it, but it holds one of the strongest weapons of all time in its tiny infant hands. If you can reach it in time, it'll kindly give it to you, if not, the monsters will surely have ripped it from the alien's cold, dead hands, making the species extinct. The species used to have millions, it used to be one of the most feared races in the universe. Then monsters, different from these, wiped them out.

Now. As I said earlier, the alien shouldn't be feared. But what you should be afraid of is the fact that the home planet for these monsters is Earth, and I'm pretty sure that was their shuttle they just sent off, not yours.