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To avoid any confusion, this pasta takes place in the future. There you go.

The Pasta

I remember you.

After all these terrible years, I still remember.

I bet you thought I forgot. No. I'll never forget.

Twenty years later, I still remember.

You are on live TV. People claim that you are the best politician in the USA.

You are protesting about the rights of homosexuals, or something like that.

I still remember...

Two months later, I've heard, you've decided to run for president. People are going crazy over the first female candidate for president.

We could have accomplished SO MUCH. But you failed to recognize me... I was always as smart as you, if not smarter...

You've won the election. You are the first female US president. It pains me to say this, but congratulations, Alissa.

I know you. Do you remember?!

Outside the White House, is where I am, admiring the intricate design. It was beautiful until you became president...

You never recognized my intelligence.

It brings me pleasure, your slow death, your neck in my hands. I see your face go pale, your attempts to escape my grasp ceasing. Goodbye, I'll miss you. This wouldn't have happened, if only you would have recognized my intelligence. Goodbye, Alissa.