All Toasters Toast Toast

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You know what they say, all toasters toast toast -Mario

Do you know that feeling? The feeling you get when something happens that's called a coincidence. And I'm not talking about a small coincidental thing.

The thing about coincidences is, that you can look at it from two points of view. You can look at it as if it's just meant to be, just like two things that have a special kind of thing that makes a weird combination if you put them together, just a common thing people see as weird if they look at it the other way. The weird thing can't be just a coincidence, it has to mean something. With that said, I'll start to tell you my story. Look at the coincidence the way you want to, but respect the way I, and other people see these odd things.

It all started on a normal morning. I woke up and got dressed and went downstairs. No one home. People who know me know that I don't really like to eat breakfast. I get sick easily, so I always eat the same food in the morning. I think it's typical Dutch, so no English word for it I guess. But this morning there were none left. So I looked to see if there was any yogurt left. No yogurt. I stood in the kitchen for a while, not knowing what to eat. Suddenly, I smelled burning food. I looked around, but it certainly wasn't coming out of my house. After the smell had gone, I could finally recognise it. Burned toast. So I decided to make myself some toast. I got the toaster out, and put my slice of bread in it. I knew it was going to take a while, so I decided to watch TV. Since I'm really interested in ghosts and other paranormal occurrences, I decided to watch Fact Or Faked on SyFy, which is a show where they are going to look if paranormal/UFO footage is real or fake. This time they had a case featuring a ghost which looked like smoke.

After a few minutes, I heard the bread jumping out of the toaster, so I walked back into the kitchen. As soon as my eyes focused on the room, I noticed a smoke cloud hanging in the air. I got something that felt like a mini-heart-attack. Still thinking about the 'smoke ghost', I noticed the aroma of burned toast. That was the moment I realised that it just was my burned toast. And yes, when I looked at the toaster, I saw a full black-burned bread slice. I quickly opened every window and door on the ground floor.

I made myself some more toast, which didn't burn. After finishing breakfast and closing all of the windows, I decided to go upstairs because it was getting kinda cold due to the doors and windows being opened. Upstairs all the windows were closed, so I decided to search for some heat up there. As I was turning my computer on in the study, I started to realise that it was exactly the same aroma I smelled before deciding to make toast as I smelled after burning my toast. Still surprised about the coincidence, I walked into my room. It was definitely the smell of burnt toast.