All You Have to Say Is Sorry, for It Knows Where You Are

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We are human. As such we tend to make mistakes. Though, we have the choice of making up those inevitable follies of ours or simply ignoring them out our own vested stupidity. Thanks to my own unawareness to my situation I now have to suffer the consequences.

The day stared like any other. The sky was gray with the scent of fallen rain. Me and my friend, Timothy, were playing and splashing in the mud puddles. At the time I was 10 years old and he was 12. The day seemed boring so we decided going to his house.

“Hey want to go to the woods instead?” Timothy asked nonchalantly.“Why not?” I said not wanting to seem like a wet blanket to probably the coolest kid in the neighborhood.

The woods seemed a lot scarier than before since it stopped raining. Every crack, crunch, and animal call sent chills down my spine. But since Tim was with me it would be all right.

Tim was never scared of anything or anyone.

“Do you know what they said used to be in that old house there?” Tim said smiling. I shook my head no. “Well legend goes a man and his daughter lived there long ago. The man was a bit of a drunk and occasionally beat the daughter black and blue. One particularly cold winter the father took all his food and gave none to the daughter. She was pissed so she stabbed and ate his arms and neck. As soon as authorities arrived she ran off and no one has seen her since.” He said making boo sounds at me.

“Yawn!” I said pretending to not be phased. “I’ve heard scarier stories on the back of my cereal box!”

“Yeah ri- Hey did you hear?” he said cupping his ear. “Hear what?” I asked a little frightened. “BOO!!” our friend Ryan said coming out the bushes and making me jump. “Ha! Got you!” he said high fiving Tim. “Whatever.” I said displeased.

We then decided to go where the forest meets Tim's house. Once we were there the shopkeeper in the neighborhood, Mr.Gortu, told us not to go back in the old forest. "Why not Mr.Gortu?" Tim asked. It wasn't like Mr. Gortu to ruin our silly games like that. "That place just gives me the creeps." he said.

That night I had the worst nightmare of my life. I was in the forest near that creepy shack and suddenly a scream peirced my ears. Screams of agony. So I ran toward it and found a message carved in the shack's side. It read SAY SORRY in big and crude letters. The screams intensified till I saw Tim.

He...My God. His eyes were hollow sockets of inky black nothingness. His skin color baby blue and caked with what I assumed was dried blood. and the most horrific feature was his mouth. It was stretched ear to ear with a frown he opened his mouth to smile but all you saw was jagged brown teeth.

"In life you have choices. You and your friends made the wrong one when coming to MY domain." the horror show in front of me said in a low mutter.

"I told the people of this town to keep children out of my domain. And they didn't. So, your friend is mine. If you don't want to be next all you have to say is you're sorry." it said silently staring right through me.

"NO!! You killed my friend so I'll NEVER say sorry to you as long as I live, YOU DAMN FREAK!!" I screamed. I never cursed like that unless I was really angry and no one was around. "Very well then I'll continue to kill your loved ones and haunt you to insanity, Jacobs Barandos. You'll be forced for eternity saying my name cursing anyone who reads, thinks, or says my name. Welcome to Hell!"

In the morning Tim's body was found mutilated in the woods. The thing that was the most off setting were the words covered on his wall in his room: ALL YOU HAD TO SAY WAS SORRY. Now after 3 years Ryan is dead and Tim's parents are too. That thing (Malphas) told me I'm cursed for life.

All I can tell you is I'm sorry and try to stay from and out the woods. And if you live near them move: NOW.