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Sometimes the universe tells us to sleep, I say that my body cries out most times for it, but when I'm not lying comfortable on my bed, hate begins gnawing at me underneath slowly, starting with the legs and tingling into the bowels. The sadistic desires itch like the panties in myself, I bite those cute imaginary targets, an orgasmic feeling invades me outside the spine and skull. I want to bite the ears of this Siamese cat to extirpate them. Then with my long red nails I'll cut his little blue eyes smoothly and feline, for better enjoyment.

Then I hang it slightly with my hands until it becomes unconscious, get a small steak hammer and break their paws for him wake up again. Then I imagine that I do hear him moaning down of pain. Pours! (Nothing better than cold water! Want to see this baby feline scream. I run to the fridge and grab a small jar of cold water. Set in the cat. He shows no signs of life. I'll just put it in the freezer). Semen! I want to ejaculate this animal before it dies and starts to stink. Almost.. there! I do it, in its small semi-open mouth, it's still hot.

I take the panties out before I start feeling guilty!

This is my unique brand .. Nature is cruel, animals! Society is cruel, animals! It was a pleasure.