Alone in the Dark

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You are alone in your house on the edge. It's been raining all day, but you could beat the boredom of reading and listening to creepypasta. Meanwhile, you're almost addicted to it, although you shocked no twist, no moment of shock, almost nothing.

Still at 1 clock at night you lie in your bed and judge your look pretty long to your mobile phone display. When you see the time, you realize that you may have exaggerated a little. You set the phone alarm clock to 11:00 clock so you can sleep in. It's holiday time. Finally, you lie down to sleep.

You're on the verge of falling asleep, but a knock on your door keeps you from. You get scared, trembling, crawl away yourself further and further under your duvet. It gets louder and louder, until finally the door strikes. Besides you have it really barred. You close your eyes and you're telling yourself that you'll be fine. You notice but after half an hour, that there is nothing.

Even if you're relieved, you don't want to get up to investigate. You did have more than enough suffering. But your curiosity is stronger than your fear, and so you work up your courage to go out. Maybe it's just your dog. Or the wind. Trembling a little, and armed with your airsoft gun, you sneak through the dark hallway. When you are five feet in front of the bathroom door and still nothing has happened, you are convinced that there couldn't  be anything. Since you have to anyway to the toilet, you go onward.

But the blood freezes in your veins when you suddenly see two eyes. Two red eyes. They stare at you directly, as they would perforate you. Raging heart you running immediately back. Then you stumble across a vacuum cleaner that was supposed to be in the basement.

You look back, the red eye are coming slowly toward you.  You can feel your left foot with pain no more, probably you've sprained your ankle. You're just limping to your room. When you're just before the door, a cold, slimy hand grabs your injured foot. You cant over, can nothing do against this thing.

Then you wake up and realize that it was just a nightmare. You are relieved, you are pinching you, to be sure that this isn't still a dream. But then you feel a pain that is getting more intense. In your left foot ..