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File:Alone in the dark.jpg
the box for the beta and final version of the ms-dos version of alone in the dark

Does anybody remember an old 1992 ms-dos/pc/3do game called Alone in the Dark? Well did you ever know there was a beta version? Well I'm here to talk about it

Alone in the Dark Beta Version

In my sophomore year towards the end of the year, my friend told me he had a present for me, it was in a cardboard package with the infogrames logo on it, I opened it and inside was a box with the game Alone in the Dark and a bunch of other old infogrames games, he knew how much I wanted this game. He is good friends with one of the workers who used to work for the now defunct game company infogrames. The box also included other titles such as both tintin games for my pc, both Dragonball Z Legacy of Goku games for gameboy advance, Godzilla Destroy all monsters for the Xbox, many of the backyard sports titles, and many more great titles. I noticed a sticker on the Alone in the Dark game that said beta, I realized that I have the beta and I was very excited to get home to see what the early version of my childhood was like, I remember playing this game at my old friend's house as a pre-schooler late at night and getting scared to fall asleep. Once I got off the bus, I ran downstairs where we keep our old windows 95 computer, the first game I played was tintin in Tibet, I was a huge tintin fan as a kid and loved reading the books, I still love tintin til this day, after beating the whole game in 1 hour, I decided to get to alone in the dark, I popped in the floppy disc and installed the game, then the game started. It started off with the infogrames armidillo logo with the black background, a thunder clash sound went off and then the armidillo spun around like in the final version but was very different from the final version and more creepy, how was it creepy? well the thunder clash was followed by a demonic laugh and the background went flashy with hell red colors. Then the game went to the Alone in the Dark start screen like in the final version, I pressed space the game went to a message screen that said "welcome to Alone in the Dark Beta Edition, play at your own risk". Then the game went to the main menu, it looked exactly as it did in the final version, I pressed new game and then went to the character select, I chose Edward Carnby, I skipped the dialogue intro that told Eddie's back story, it went to the starting cutscene with Eddie driving his car to the old mansion, I noticed on one of the trees there was a man who hung himself which I believe was not in the final version, it cut to the part with the road with the frog getting ready to hop across the road, it went to the image of the frog's face but instead of the happy smiley face, it had a more sad face with blood in its eyes, when the car drove by the frog didn't make it across like it did in the final version. When Eddie pulled into the mansion, he walked towards it and when it cut to the window view, you would see an evil claw resting on the window but what was very different was it twitched which was also never in the final version. When Eddie entered the house, he headed up to the attic and the game started. I opened the chest and got my rifle, I tried to push the chest over the trap door but the chest didn't move, so I pushed over the wardrobe and itt moved and I blocked the window so I wouldn't have to deal with demon chickens which is the most annoying enemy in the game. Just then the trap door opened and unexpectedly, no zombie came out, I walked over to where the note was and I read it, instead of what it said about Jeremy hartwood's death, it said get out before it gets you. I was getting really scared, not scared for fun like when I was a kid with this game but really freaked out, so I ran towards the exit but the game took over the control and forced Eddie towards the trap door and he fell in, I ended up in a room which looked like the basement in hell's kitchen from the 2nd game, I walked towards the room which was where the target practice was in the 2nd game, it looked the same but with no targets that looked like playing cards, I walked towards the beer storage room and get this very long hallway, I keep walking for 5 minutes and nothing happens, just then I hear the sound that sounds like a rubber glove rubbing a violin which was a sound in the final version which can be heard in the statue room where you get arrows for the bow near the music room. I kept walking and find a note, it says "I told you to turn back, well now you are in the hall where you will meet it. P.S you shoulda moved the wardrobe over the trapdoor". I turned around and before I moves, the battle music began playing and I saw behind me was what must be it. It looked like a typicle zombie but with no facial features and no hands and arms like tentacles and still had green skin. I took out my rifle and began firing, nothing happened, it did the demonic laugh from the intro logo and then lunged towards me and then it opened it's mouth (it turns out it has a mouth but you can't see it when it's not open) and then I got sucked in, I ended up back in the attic, the music got very slow, I walked out of the attic and then I walked got to the flying demons blocking the stairs and killed them with both mirrors I found, instead of blowing up like in the final version, they just disinagrated into a pile of bloody dust, I walked downstairs and then went to the entrance and then I opened the door but then a portal was blocking the way and sucked me in,  the screen started flashing different colors and then went black, a 3d polygonic mask with red eyes appeared on the screen and said in a digitalized voice "Hell begins now" and made an evil smile and then the game over screen with the outside of the house with the monsters from the final version came up but instead of the thunderclash, what I was greeted by was which sounded like the windows 98 mystery sound scheme startup which was very impossible because this game used adlibm sound and not midi which the sound was processed on, maybe it was a digitalized sound effect then an adlibm music file.

the game over screen
The game went back to the main menu, I was freaked out and so I went to return to dos but then a message came up and said "Leaving so soon?" and then I pressed space and then another message came up and said "Who are you running from?". Then I pushed space again but all I got was some flashy red colors and I tried to turn off and then reboot the pc but nothing happened, I unplugged the computer and then the image was still going even without the plug, then I decided I'll call my friend Rick over because he knew lots about old computers and viruses and he could fix the game, he said he would be over tommarow. It was time for me to go to bed, I went to sleep, my room was upstairs, so this is when creepy stuff started to happen. At 12:00 A.M I started hearing which sounded like the glove rubbing the violin sound from the game coming from the basement. I decided to go downstairs to investigate, I walked towards the computer and then I saw an image in the patterns which looked like a deformed Edward Carnby face with tears of blood, I decied to unplug the speakers so the sound wouldn't bug me at night, once I pulled the cord of the speaker out, I was in a rush to get out of the room because I was scared by Eddie's deformed face which was more scarier than that secret message from sonic cd (if you know what I mean) but then I slipped and fell and knocked myself out, The next morning I awoke and man I was happy to see the light again, I ran upstairs and ate breakfast and then I plugged in my Xbox to play some Godzilla, then Rick made it over and then he said he would be done by dinner time. I then went to go play some Mario party with my friend Dominique since Mario can help me get my mind off Edward's deformed face and those creepy sounds the computer made at night. Dominique and I decided to go to my house to watch some movies such as my favorites "The Dark Crystal" and "Thunderbirds are Go", we went to go check on Rick but once we went downstairs, we saw Rick's body on the ground with his ears bleeding and his eyes widely opened, the speakers where plugged back in making a high pitched headache splitting sound, I unplugged the speakers quickly and before they caused more damage, he was still breathing and so I called the hospital and Rick was taken away to go get surgery. Later that night, I decided to fix it myself, after me and Dominique finished the Dark crystal, she was ready to go home but I needed her first to help me fix the computer, she was a little scared but I told her I would walk her home after our investigation with the computer, she then agreed and so we went downstairs and she told me that this expirience is scarier than hers with Laveder town, once we got downstairs, I turned the lights on to make the atmosphere less scary and I took out the old record player and played an old rush album on it to lighten up the mood. I decided to plug the speakers back in with low volume, I then started pushing buttons and then the screen stopped and finally closed the game, just then an error window came up and said "error, what are you running from" and then the game opened up automatically and so I decided to force the floppy out and it came out but then the flashy screen came back and so I pushed the escape key and then I heard something that sounded like whispering in the speakers, I turned them up and it sounded as if the whispering was saying "You can not escape it, it is everywhere" just then the loud high pitched sound came back along with the violin and rubber glove sound and then the speakers blew out and then a huge fire started, we both ran up the stairs and then called 911 and then got everyone out of bed and got outside, I even attempted to rescue my DS with all my games especially the Pokémon ones, the fire fighters came to put out the fire, nobody got hurt luckily and so for the rest of the month, me and my family where going to stay at my grandma's until the house gets repaired. The next day we went back to salvage some items from the house, I went to where the basement was to see if any of my games made it, both tintin games where destroyed but then I found the monitor which looked as if there was a frozen image on it, I looked and it was a message, it said "You should have never came here, now It is everywhere, beware of it" I then found the floppy for alone in the dark beta and the box still looked new, I the game back in the box and decided to take it along, but then Dominique came over to see if everything was ok, she told me Rick was going to be fine but he wont be able to hear with his left ear any longer. So then I showed her that the game was still in good conditions and about the scary message on the destroyed monitor, she said it would be best for me to throw the game out, so I threw it in the trash for the garbage man to come get it and crush it but for the heck of it, I put a note on the game that said "do not open or play". I then threw it out and I never heard from the game again and then forgot all about it. Many months passed and school started again. I was glad to see Rick again, we all got to class and then Rick told the story of how his left ear got damaged and then it all came back to me, the worst part was some kids said they where hanging out in the junk yard and found something, they took it out and you know what they found, that's right, that evil devil possessed beta of alone in the dark. I ran and swiped the game and smashed it into little pieces and threw it out, they asked me "What was that for?" and then I told the whole class the story, they didn't believe me but they did once Rick and Dominique interfeared with the tale.


The final version was released in 1992, the beta was made in 1991 according to the start screen I remember

This was the last beta copy but there maybe still more copies laying around in the abandon infogrames buildings

The character It was never mentioned or referred to in final version or later titles in the series

The only surviving footage I found is the game over screen