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I'm leaving this notice to anybody willing to read into, what others out there are calling, my madness. However as the saying goes, there IS a method to my madness.

I decided long ago that man kind is the very definition of an evolutionary fluke. Do I believe that humans have their place on this earth? I believe they DID, but from now on this existence is nothing but a privelage, not a right. Look at any other beast on this earth and I can only assume in your twisted vision of reality how you are better than them. Funny, it seems at the time your culture and technology was advancing, your intelligence never got the memo.

Humans have lost the ability to adapt. For God's sake you all go crazy when you lose electricity for a span of time. You proclaim a sheet of paper is worth more than it's material value, and when you get hungry, rather than putting any effort into feeding yourselves, you will trade that superficially valued note for the fruits of another's labor.

Your entire race is full of lazy, overzealous, disgusting filth, and I have decided that it is my duty to do one of two things, put you in your rightful place, or dispose of you all one by one.

This is the only warning you will get.

I can only assume you will never head this warning, and you will continue on with the pathetic lives you live. You'll awaken tomorrow and feed upon synthetic nutrients, perhaps go to school where you'll learn only what others want you to hear, or possibly to your job where a fellow human who is less intelligent and less physically adequite will determine your actions until you can go home for the day, to your time wasting habbits. Upon the next day you will repeat this cycle, until your pathetic life ends.

Keep it up homo sapien, and by all means enjoy it while it lasts.

But chances are I will catch you. Next time you're walking home alone under the false assumption that you're safe, I may be there in the bushes... following you. Next time you're cursing because a bird shit on your sparkling new car, I'll be cursing your damned existence.

And when I DO show up and it's your time to be judged, don't take it personally, you probably were never meant to survive on this planet anyways, and the fact that you did was your own dumb luck.

That's all I have to say for now, but rest assured knowing you'll learn more once your time comes.

See you all soon,

The Alpha.