Always Together, Never Seen

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I was the first to see you. I was there when you took your first breath, walk and first words. I never judged you, even If I couldn't do anything to the people who caused pain towards you, I still hated them for it.

I love you, and always will. I will take your hand, guide you through all things thick and thin. I'm always at your side, pushing you to do your best, keep your head held up strong. I'm here for you.

I wish I could have saved you, but that's beyond my purpose. As you laid there, I walked towards you.

Lend you my hand and help you up. You ask me so many questions, but you'll find them out soon.

I guide you to the door's of life, but I have to choice for you. Heaven or Hell, what your actions have been when you were alive will make it certain.

Please remember, I love you, but I must move on.