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It must have been early morning, just moments after taking my morning pill and me and my Mother were busy gutting out the attic to collect old stuff for a Car-boot sale that was happening on the weekend. We were a bit strapped for money so selling things seemed to be a good way to make some extra pennies. We went through dozens of boxes, but I was keen on finding things to keep for myself rather than selling. This included old toys, clothes etc. Whilst I was digging through all the junk I found a small plastic lunch-tub labeled " Amy's Camera" I decided to see what was inside (if it wasn't already obvious..) and I saw my old camera. It was a "Kodak Max" with a rather faded yellow card cover and flimsy plastic tag reading "Amy" on it. Inside the tub was a small plastic sandwich bag full of old photos, and I decided for nostalgia I would take a look through them and perhaps use them for an art project or something. So after collecting up the stuff for the Car-boot I went back to my room and sat by my desk and began to flick through them.

Apparently I was a big fan of birds and trees, because it seemed every photo had some kind of link to birds or trees. I found it rather cute. There was pictures of my Mother, Brother and my sadly missed Father. I found them to be quite heart warming. I went to put them back in the box but I noticed there was a small layer of tape sticking out of one of the photos. Attached to the tape was another photo; and this photo was labeled unlike the rest. It wrote: "My friend" I smiled and remembered all the good times I had with my friends in my younger days, and assumed it was going to be a photo of me and one of my friends.

It was not a friend at all. No nature, no trees, no birds. Nothing but a poorly lit room with a single night-light against the wall.  It was my old bedroom, and the photo looked like it was taken without a flash, so I couldn't make out anything in the room. I stared at it for a good couple of minutes and I could make out the vague shape of something near the night-light. Perhaps it was a photo I taken of my friend at a sleepover? I didn't know. I decided to upload it to my laptop and take a better look; so I popped the photo into my scanner and saved it to my pictures and uploaded it to my photo editor. From there I turned up the brightness and contrast, and I felt my heart sink deep into my stomach.

The figure by the light was some sort of creature with long sharp fingers, peeking from around the wall. The creature's face shared only two piercing black eyes and a twisted grin. I snapped the laptop shut in fear and try to compose myself. I slowly opened my laptop back up and taken another look at the so-called "friend" as I just stared in disbelief. I must be seeing things. How could this creature be in the photo? 

At first I thought it could have been edited; but then I checked the date printed on the back of the photo: 12/07/02. There couldn't have been any way this photo was edited in this much detail at that time. I decided to print out the new version of the photo and try to forget about it till morning; and ask my Mother about it tomorrow. Before I went to bed I picked up another one of the horrible pills I had to take for my so called "migraines" even though I hadn't suffered from a migraine in months, I can't exactly remember why I had to take it and when I started to take it but my Mother said it was vital, so I did what I was told. That night I had a rather strange and repetitive nightmare.

I was alone in my old bedroom, and I was laying in my bed looking over to my night-light before my eyes began to slowly close, but as my eyes began to close I saw the long sharp fingers of the creature curling over the wall and in my young voice I heard myself say "...hello friend..what is your name" before I'd wake up again. I finally woke up for the final time at 6:00am and heard my Mother downstairs fumbling about to get ready for work. I got myself out of bed and picked up the photo from the box and tiredly walked downstairs to her. I saw her applying her lipstick as I walked over to her and pushed the photo into her line of sight and asked bluntly "Do you know anything about this?" 

I watched her as she looked over at the photo and her lipstick smeared up her lip as her eyes widened. She quickly picked up the picture and crumpled it up in her hand as she stood up and held my arms tightly. "Where did you find this photo Amy? Where?!" I looked at her and explained how I found it in the attic as she slowly stepped away from me and breathed out deeply.

"...listen to me Amy. I don't want to see this photo ever again you hear me? If I even see you looking at it ONCE, there will be trouble."

Confused and nervous; I merely nodded and walked back upstairs silently as I picked up the original photo from my scanner, and remembered how the "friend" couldn't be seen on the original photo. So why did she react so badly? I was about to tear it up and put it in the bin before I noticed the early sunlight hit the photo, and right where the creature would be there was an odd shine..the kind of shine you get when you draw over something in Sharpie. My eyes widened and I began to rub furiously at the blacked out spot; and to my shock the creature was now in my sights once again. I stormed back downstairs to go confront my Mother, but to my dismay she had already left for work. Now I was too curious to leave this alone. 

I went back into my room and picked up the box of photos and began to flick through them; and to my dismay each photo had one blacked out spot. I rubbed away at each one and like I expected; the creature could be seen in each photo.
"me and my friend"
I also looked on the back and realized there was white tape covering the original labels, and each photo was labeled "my friend" "me and my friend" "i love my friend" etc. 

When my Mother came home that afternoon I stormed downstairs once again and confronted her with all the new photos. I could see the look of fear in her eyes as she stared at me before sighting heavier than before as she nodded for me to go sit down in the kitchen. I went and sat down and laid the photos out before she came and sat beside me as she brought a hand to my back.

"...Amy, when you were around 5 years old you used to talk to me about someone you liked to call "my bestest friend". You never liked going out to play with other kids, but you stopped going out completely when your Father passed away. I felt like you weren't getting out enough so I decided to let you go around taking photos with a disposable camera. You'd then come home and tell me about all the adventures and fun you had with your "friend" and that even at night time he would come and say goodnight to you before you fell asleep. You said he was shy and always hidden behind the wall at night so he didn't scare you, I thought it was just an imaginary friend.."

She began to shift through the photos as she shuddered deeply and looked up to me with tears flooding her cheeks as she played a hand through my hair. "...I told you to stop playing with your "bestest friend" because he was a bad man. You began to cry every night, telling me how much you missed him. I decided to take you to see a Doctor who recommended the pill that you've been taken for the last 11 I can't remember the name exactly but I was told back then it would block out the memories of your "friend" and stop the creature from coming into your mind .I then went and got these photos developed and realized the "friend" you were talking about was in every photo. I made it my job to cover up the creature and hide the photos away until the time was right.." We both sat in silence before I just walked upstairs to my bedroom, not coming out of my room for the rest of the night.

As the night fell I went to bed as usual and decided to look at the photos one last time as I peered at the creature, before I ripped each photo up; vowing to never speak of this creature again. I turned over in my bed and began to doze off but I felt like I had forgotten something important, but regardless I fell asleep figuring it could wait till morning. Later on in the middle of the night I woke up with a huge splitting headache. In agony I leaned over to my bedside and reached for a glass of water to try and calm down the headache, but from the corner of my eye I spotted something shifting over my room.  I stayed still as I saw the creature appearing slowly at the edge of my bed with its long sharp fingers and deep black eyes as it stared at me with its large twisted grin. I felt my headache go numb along with the rest of my body as I just stared at the creature in silence. It looked at me with its empty gaze and for the first time in 11 years it spoke to me in its static-like and disturbing voice.

"...hello forgotten your pill.."