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(Hello this is my first pasta here and this is one I have been working on for quite a while so..Sit back, grab a beer and enjoy.)

Name's Adam Winchester, I'm 28 years old and I'll never forget these past 3 days....It started out what seemed like a normal day turned to be a gruesome night and following 2 days...Here is my story.

I recently heard of a new movie called, "Fist of the North Star," and heard great things about it so I was looking for any copies of it in stores, but my search came to no avail. So I asked a friend where I can find it and he said that there was this one store that sold these types of movies and told me the address of it. So I went to the store the following day and it looked okay, aside from all the street art on the sides of the store calling it a, "Fraud."

I went ahead and entered the store and it seemed to be in top condition aside from the noticeable musty smell emitting when I entered the store. I approached the clerk at the counter and he greeted me with a soft smile and said, "Hello! How can I help you?" I told him what I looked for and he went to a room where I think it's the inventory and came back later with a DVD inside a DVD cover of what seemed to be what the cover of the movie is, l luckily had a working DVD in my home. I gave him my thanks and went home to watch the movie.

When I arrived home, I made popcorn and popped the DVD in the DVD slot of the player and sat on the couch with my popcorn and with the remote and began to wait to load. It took a quite a while and when it loaded it showed the main character and 3 options, "Start movie", "Scene Selection", and lastly "And more." I selected "Start movie" And the movie started and nothing was wrong throughout the movie aside from the occasional frame skipping which I thought it was scratches on the CD and the movie ended with no credits, which was weird but whatever...

After I saw the movie, I was amazed on how good it was, But the last selection was intriguing me so I selected it. It showed a real life picture of what I think it's the main character and a part of the movie and the text below said, "Real life recreation of a scene of the movie."

So I selected it and my DVD player shut off. I checked the wires and it's not unplugged. I thought it was weird so I thought I could shrug it off and went to take a quick nap. I got up and found myself going to the bathroom, though I have to memory of waking up. I opened the door and went to urinate, when I was washing my hand, the water turned into blood and I drew back my hands in horror. I went to leave the bathroom but I was greeted by the main character of the movie and he had black eyes sockets. Blood oozing from his mouth and a vague smile. He told me two words, "And more…"

Before punching me in the face and my face instantly explodes. (The main character had fists that could shatter and explode the skull along with the head) I finally regained vision and saw myself with a knife in hand and my arms bleeding. Cleaned my arms and knife and when I cleaned the wounds, the knife trails on my arms said, "And more…" I went insane that day and the following days I was barely social and could still remember that dream… And the marks on my arms are still there to this day…