And Then There Were None

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"Hurt, And then there were none..."


That burns in my mind as if someone has said it for me only to never forget, I guess as

true as the story is there is no making you believe it, I recently moved into a house, a 4 story home.

The house was creepy to start with but I thought "What the hell", right? I mean a cheap house that's big, why wouldn't I. That's a question I never will understand why I cant answer it, or didn't answer it. After the first night of moving in I fell asleep around 7:30, yes early but I was tired, I woke up around 1:45 in the morning. "That 70`s Show" was playing and I got out of my bed to turn the TV off so I could get a good rest. The hallway light was on and there was a reflection in the television, I opened my eyes as I laid in bed frighten... The was somebody standing in the hallway looking straight into my room, the reflection on the TV scared me, It didn't have any features it looked like a standing black blob/shadow. it was then that's all I could tell. I heard whispers as if it was talking to me trying not to wake anyone in the house up, its words got louder and faster but still in a whisper, it said...

"Hurt, And then there where none"

It said it over and over.

I fell asleep fast right after that, I woke up the next day at 1:45. which creeped me out more than anything, the sun was shining into my window and the whole town seemed alive and happy, it was the middle of the summer after all. I shrugged what happen off to some kind of dream till about 3 days later I was yet home alone again. I heard a big crash in what I seemed to thought was in my basement, it vibrated the floor, I heard loud footsteps coming up the basement steps, I quickly ran to the basement door and opened it, to see the basement light was on... Which the only way to turn the light on to the basement is at the middle of the stairway. I was scared, till that shadow was at the bottom of the stairs, looking up, still completely black with nothing, looking like a shadow of a tall skinny man. We had a short conversation...

It: Hi

Me: Hello?

It: Who are you?

Me: My name is... Floyd

It: Hi, can I ask you a question?

(It raised one leg on to the first step as if to start walking up to me)

Me: Yes?

It: Do you believe in God?

Me: No.

It: He's never did anything for me either, but I was hurt and then there were none. Nobody lived here after they hurt me.

(It started walking up the stairs as I closed the door and ran outside)

I bumped into a neighbor, he welcomed me as a few others did, as if I didn't belong in this neighborhood. He asked me If I knew what happened in that house, I replied no, From what he told me a priest use to live there, he didn't give me a name, he said the priest`s wife or girlfriend shot him in the head on the 4th floor. I didn't believe it, but later on that day I went to the 4th floor to check and there was a hole in the wall that looked like a bullet hole. From what the neighbor said it was never investigated, one night they heard a gun shot, the next day the priest neither his whatever she was wife or girlfriend could be found. It was a few weeks but I went down to the basement to see if I could find anything, while I was walking around, the lights went off I seen the shadow again, but barely... It had a white face. Like paper white and was kinda had a smirk, it started whispering something different, "Kill, and then there where none! Burn, and then there where none"

It kept saying that and looking at me, I ran up the stairs as fast as I could and closed and locked the door, I could still hear it whispering. It then said. "Michael, and then there where none" which made chills run up and down my body. I told it my name was "Floyd" my real name is Michael.

How'd it find out?

What does it want and who is it?

6 months has pasted with little things happening here and there. Then I was asleep on the couch I woke up to the sound of whispering, I thought it was my parent, maybe my sister. I got up and nobody was around, I looked at the front door and the porch light was on, which it only comes on when somebody is on the porch, I could see the shadow outside the window and I ran upstairs, it seemed like it followed behind me, I ran up to the 4th floor as it followed. I stood in the exact same place were that bullet hole was and I heard it getting close behind me, I just stared into that bullet hole....

There was complete silence and then I heard a whisper. "Bang, and then there where none"


That was the end, I found this in a notebook that was laying outside of a trashcan by my new home, I have no idea who Michael is and I have no idea who or what that thing is. It creeps me out cause I just bought this new house, This nice calming home I can raise my family with religion in. we have lived here for 3 years and have never caught site of the thing. I`d like to share a prayer with you...

"As the lord as my father I love you, I ask you but a blessing on this family and house, and make sure there is nothing negative or bad in this house, amen"

And Then There Where None.

File:Creepy basement ghost picture 22009a.jpg
The white face in the basement. I found this picture on the 4th floor