And on the 8th Day

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This is not anti-christian. A theory if you will.

The Pasta

There were originally 7 days of creation, right?

But what did God do on the 8th day? And where did Hell come from?

Did, God, on the 8th day, create Hell?

7+1 (Extra Day, creation of Hell) = 8.

But didn't God create Hell for Satan?

It took 7 days to create our small earth.

But it took 1 day to create Hell?

It also took 1 day to create Satan, and for Satan to be sent to Hell.

8+1 = 9.

The nine circles of Hell.

Are the 9 days of creation represented in the 9 circles of Hell?

Here are my ideas.

On the last day of creation, Satan was created. So he would be in the middle of the nine circles.

He is.

In Dante's Inferno, he is said to have 3 faces.


3 sixes:



Sign of the beast is 666, and satanic practitioners usually write "666" on their? forehead.

If Satan has 3 heads, he would only need one 6 on each head.

In the year 666, many Christians were killed because of their religion.

This was predicted in the Bible.

What else did the Bible predict?

We can only hope that we don't know yet.