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Half based on a true story...

On January 2012, I moved into a new home in Ponoka, Alberta. It was a very old house with not much story to it, like it wasn't meant to be there. All basic rooms, 3 bedrooms, attic, living room. But one thing that made a chill run down my spine. The door had an old rusted hook lock so tight it was like they made it to keep the door closed, PERMANENTLY. I was on the breach of snapping it over curiosity, yet the darkness in the cracks of the wooden door and cobwebs on the handle. It was obviously closed for many years, I wanted to open it so very badly but it made me quiver in fear by simply seeing the door. I sat down on my computer, watching some YouTube to keep my mind off of the door. that night I was sitting on my couch watching television, when I heard a noise coming from the basement.

A strange eerie noise, like a voice.. it spoke the name "Andy" over and over again, not knowing why. My name isn't even Andy so it was just at random, it repeated in a loop every minute. after about an hour I was scared out of my mind, it was getting much louder and repeating itself at a much higher rate. I decided tomorrow I was going to open the door... what a mistake that was.

I twisted off the lock and then, the noise started again. "Andy! Andy!" I decided to turn on the light and saw... blood. all over the wall the name Andy written in blood. I couldn't speak, I was scared stiff so I just ran, ran to the police center to get help and then when I returned with the head officer... it was all gone. all of it, except in black marker wrote on the floor. "I never knew I would escape..." I then knew, I was royally boned. I instantly called up my grandmother who lived many hours away and I drove over to live there, hoping that it wouldn't find us. I lied down with the lights on in a bedroom, closet open and blinds up along with a radio and a TV on. I then got a call on my iPhone, I picked it up and then I heard the noise that was coming from my old basement. "Andy..." I hung up and curled up in the corner, butchers knife in hand. Then I heard the noise again... "Andy!..." I stood up, back against the corner, then I saw the "man" if that would be a proper classification for that monstrosity and then instantly... it burned? It simply combusted randomly burning into ashes and... that was it, I have to say it was really fucked up to see such a thing and have those experiences but... I have no idea what happened.

I just hope that... that thing is gone, but nobody can tell, at least I hope it finds nobody else. ever.

... Okay I can't stop here, I need to protect the people. No burning, no nothing, he simply spoke to me.

"Ha, to think you are the one to release me from that prison," he said. "I would thank you but, of course I need to kill."

Holding the knife in front of my face, he ran toward me and jumped, knife lodged in his arm.

"FUCK!" he screamed. "Well, for once I get injured." He coughed. "...Well, I gotta go for now, expect me. everyone you know will be gone. Everyone will be gone. But for now, I leave."

He flew out the window, looking out of it seeing... nothing. he was gone.

So now if you ever see someone, a man with slightly burned skin, dead eyes, cut open ears and a scar on his arm... run.