Angela Anaconda Lost Episode

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When I was fourteen, I was friends with a guy named George.

He owned the local comic book store, and since I was a big comic nerd, I spent most of my afternoons there. George used to work at Fox Family Channel, but ended up being fired when it was bought by Disney. That was when he bought the comic store. However, before he was fired, he managed to make friends with a lot of people in the industry, including the creators of a TV show called Angela Anaconda. I had seen a few episodes, but I was not a big fan.

Well, one day, George received a CD through the mail. I was there when he opened the parcel. It was a simple computer soft plastic CD case, like the one you get with a demo from a magazine. He popped the CD into the store computer and opened it.

“I hope this isn’t porn,” he laughed, looking over at me. I could not help smiling at that.

The usual intro for the show started. He glanced at me, shrugged, and proceeded to check the wrappings in which the case came in.

“It’s blank," he told me. "It didn’t come in the mail, it was dropped in by someone else.”

After he said that, the theme ended and the episode began.

It showed Johnny alone in what seemed to be his room. He seemed to be crying, but there was no sound. George checked the computer, and everything was functional. The video was just silent. Then, Johnny walked out of the room and towards the living room.

Two people were there. One of them had Johnny's uncle’s face and Johnny's hair, and the other was a woman. I remembered that his parents did not appear in the regular episodes so I assumed these people were them.

Johnny's father started yelling at him. However, Johnny did seem to get angry at his father. Instead, he appeared to look desperate. Johnny's mother smacked him out of this, and yelled at him. His father pointed to his room, but Johnny did not move. He simply glared at his parents, and went into what seemed to be the kitchen. He took a knife out of the drawer.

I remember hearing George swear under his breath as Johnny walked back to the living room. He viciously stabbed his parents. As soon as he had stopped stabbing them, a woman with exactly the same face as the mom walked in. She seemed to be stuttering and shaking as she saw the bodies. Without showing any emotion, Johnny put the knife in her hand. He forced her to push the knife through her own throat. The woman collapsed to the ground, dead. Johnny stumbled over to the corner of the room and cried.

The episode switched scenes. A newspaper was shown with the headline describing a double murder and suicide. The newspaper was pulled down to show Johnny with his grandmother and uncle, who were both crying.

Suddenly the screen went black. The phrase “Six months later” appeared in white letters.

The episode resumed to show Johnny playing softball with his friends, Angela, Gina, and Gordy. Johnny hit the ball and it flew off. It went so far that it broke the window of an old, closed-off house. The other kids began yelling at Johnny. Once again, he seemed to look desperate. Angela pointed to the street as if to tell him to leave.

Glaring, he did not move.

The episode cut off at this point. There were no credits.

George sent me home, telling me he decided to close the shop early to ask around.

Later that week, after he talked to his friends who created the show, he explained the episode to me.

The crew had made this episode as a sick joke. An intern that did not know about this, and ended up taking it home to show it to his younger cousin. The child was traumatized, and had to spend years in therapy.

In a way it was nice to understand why that episode was the way it was, but something else had plagued our minds from that day...

He never found out who dropped it into his mailbox.