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Angelica. Angel. That's what people thought of her.

Angelica was a very sweet girl. She was always friendly and had a smile on her beautiful face. She loved her life, she went to a school where she was popular and had many good friends.

One day, her mother came under debt for the business she owned. After everything she owned was repossessed she found a new job and moved the family away to another town where she could work.

Angelica had to fit into her new school, but it was not like her old one at all. The children didn't like her, they bullied her, they pushed her into the mud and laughed at her dismal sobs.

As time went on, Angelica developed feelings she never felt before - anger and hatred. She grew angry at the boys who would trip her over every day and laugh. She hated the girls who would throw footballs and even stones at her.

When Angelica kept coming home with a sullen look on her face, her hair a mess and her clothes dirty, her mother grew suspicous. When sitting Angelica down and talking to her, Angelica broke down and told her everything in front of floods of tears. Her mother decided action needed to be taken and the people who picked on Angelica were suspended for a month.

When the children were reinstated they were angry at Angelica for telling. The boy who was the hardiest, the most tough, decided to pick up a heavy book and throw it at her. Other children joined in, throwing anything they can, laughing all the while. As she was hit by the hard books and anything the children could grab, the teacher returned to the class after helping other children outside to discover Angelica bleeding and with concussions. Angelica was in hospital for 3 months and the entire class was suspended for that they did.

The class never returned back to school.

Angelica realised the bullying was never going to stop. So she decided to end the hatred and anger. Before she was really allowed to leave the hospital, she would visit each of the children's houses. Late at night their door would be forced open. With an expressionless look on her face Angelica would take her hands, place them over the sleeping child's neck. As tension grew in her hands, her faint laugh could be heard. The child had died as Angelica choked them.

Angelica is in fact still alive today. No, she was never caught for what she did. The police ruled her out as a suspect.

You have laughed at someone in their time of pain or need right?

Angelica hates that. It makes her angry. Very angry.