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They call me evil;

They call me the end;

They call me the root of evil;

But the fact is:

I'm just an experiment;

I'm just a child;

I'm just the reaction;

It all started, when Humans were first created; I was the Soul-Imp.

God loved me.

My two friends treated me like God's companion.

God promised that I would serve the Earth good.

Until they all BETRAYED me.

God didn't try to stop my two friends from eating the fruit.

My two friends didn't listen to me when I said not to eat it.


After they both ate the fruits...

I was split into billions of souls...

Each time a Human died,

I replaced their souls.

Many others too.

I was that bird's 'mix'.

Each time 'he' was angry,

I would go inside him,

Help ravage the Human's life.

Soul, I am,

Anger, it is...

By Mctad